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How to contribute in Next.js?
How to contribute to Next.js?


How to contribute to Next.js?

There are several ways to contribute to the nextjs, and writing the article about nextjs is also part of contributing—your one git push on the nextjs repository is equal to submitting one article with us. Your article helps many new developers learn about nextjs, and you are one of them spreading awareness about nextjs and joining now as a contributor rather than a writer.

Our goal is to build a contributor ( writer ) and reader community worldwide in one place. Every contributor shares knowledge with the reader without any hesitation. Our publication allows you to share knowledge with other readers and build a solid nextjs developer profile with us.

We are only looking for active contributor , if your are not contribute monthy or weekly the nextjs publication not for you.

Why do we submit articles with nextjs rather than other publications?

There are tons of publications out there that have a good number of active readers. But our publication mainly targets nextjs and nextjs ecosystems. Then we are a good choice, and we rapidly grow month and month because the demand for nextjs is increasing in the market.

Which field do nextjs publications accept articles from?

Our main goal is next-related articles to be accepted. If your article is related to frontend developers, we suggest joining our fronted web publication. There we get articles related to frontend, backed, and full-stack development.

What is a guideline for a good contributor?

  1. Always add a link to the demo code repository in the article.
  2. Provide an active production website demo link, and you can use GitHub pages, vercel, and netlify.
  3. Always add more code examples and explain step by step rather than cover the theory part.

Can a beginner also submit an article with nextjs publication?

Yes, a beginner also has an equal opportunity to submit an article on the next.js. Our condition is straightforward for a contributor. You ensure that your article is easily understandable and readable for other writers and that everything is correct regarding grammar and spelling. We accept that.

Can I promote products or ads in my article?

What are you promoting? It depends on you. We all accept if you promote your services, website, mobile app, call to action at the bottom, youtube channel, social media, and newsletter. But do not allow fake promotion, fraud, or rambling links.

How to Submit an article on Frontend web?

Firstly fill out the google form. After submitting the record, I review your profile within 24 hours. If everything is fine, we will send you a confirmation email and add you to the nextJs publication as a contributor. Now you can submit your article to us.

Join the nextjs publication

How to Earn Money?

We do not give you money. You earn money with the medium partner program. Make sure you enable it before submitting your article to us.

Terms and Conditions?

We Follow medium-term conditions.


If any query then contacts us at



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