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Stop sharing company personal data with Nextjs?

Data is a susceptible part of life; you stop data sharing with one command in nextjs.

Nextjs is a huge library in the reactjs world. Nextjs collect data for improvement and bug fixing. Suppose you are more concerned about your data. You can stop data sharing with nextjs.

For data sharing, nextjs build a telemetry command-line tool. Telemetry tool collects data completely anonymous. telemetry tool helps to enable or disable data sharing in nextjs.

How to find nextjs collect data?

There are two ways to check data collection(Telemetry) is enabled or not in nextjs. By default, nextjs enable telemetry in install time.

  1. Terminal or console
  2. Command-line

Terminal or console

You can see a telemetry message in the terminal, which means telemetry is enabled.

telemetry in nextjs
Telemetry in nextjs


In a second way, you check telemetry status enable or not enabled with the command line.

  1. status: enabled ( nextjs data collection starts)
  2. status: disabled (nextjs does not collect data)
npx next telemetry status
telemetry status in nextjs.
Telemetry status in nextjs.

Which data is nextjs collected?

According to nextjs, nextjs collect general data from the app.

  1. Nextjs collect Build time-related data
  2. Version of nextjs
  3. Size of app
  4. Machine(window, Linux, macOS and no of CPUs)type of data
  5. Plugin related data
  6. command invokes data

Nextjs data share with others?

According to nextjs collect data anonymous. nextjs never collect sensitive data. Nextjs never be share data with companies.

According to docs, Nextjs current use data to build a fast and secure website. Soon, nextjs share data with the community to build a fast and secure website.

How to stop data tracking in nextjs?

For data tracking nextjs build telemetry command with command-line, you can stop data tracking easily.

Ensure you run the telemetry command on an app root level to disable telemetry. You do not run inside the pages folder.

npx next telemetry disable
stop telemetry data in nextjs.
Stop telemetry data in nextjs.

How to check telemetry status in nextjs?

You can check telemetry status in nextjs with the telemetry command. You run the telemetry command in the app root folder.

npx next telemetry status
check telemetry status in nextjs.
Check telemetry status in nextjs.

How to enable telemetry status in nextjs?

You can enable telemetry and permission again to nextjs collect data from your website. That way, you can help the nextjs core team build fast and better nextjs.

Enable telemetry again in nextjs.
Enable telemetry again in nextjs.

Environment variable

You can stop sending data to nextjs with the environment variables. You can add environment variables in-app, and nextjs stop sending general data.



I’m happy with nextjs, one of the libraries that tells the users which data we collect, how the collection and how to stop it.

But I have one question in my mind, and nextjs does not answer in docs. That is, nextjs does collect data with telemetry on development and production level and how to sure nextjs never collect data on a production level?

I trust nextjs; I hope nextjs collect general development-related data to improve web speed and security.

I hope one-day nextjs to share collected data with the nextjs community. I’m also happy to see data, how the nextjs website works with a web browser, and how to handle and improve users experience.

If you have any queries or need my help, don’t hesitate to contact me at officialrajdeepsingh[@] Are you migrating React to Next.js? You can also contact me and follow the Next.js publication.

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