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Nextjs is a Free and paid Template provider.
Nextjs base Template provider list

The list of Nextjs base Free and paid template providers.

The list helps provide the best nextjs base template providers.

There are a lot of platforms that provide a free and paid nextjs base template. I Recommend some template providers. that help you in your next project.

All the templates come with a free and paid plan. If you like the template, then you go for a paid plan.


I provide a list based on basic research, and secondly, I'm not testing individual platforms and templates. The last decision is upon you. All the template providers work very fine. You choose one of them and start building with free and paid templates.


Creative-tim provides free and paid UI kits, templates and dashboards.

Theme selection

Theme selection provides free and paid high-quality Admin Template and UI Kits.


Wrappixel provides high-quality nextjs free and paid Templates.

Jam stack themes

Jam stack themes provide hundreds of free and open-source themes and templates. Jam stack themes provide a lot of nextjs base templates.


Why do I not mention ThemeForest, colorlib, and template monster in articles?

I did not mention ThemeForest, colorlib, and template monster in my articles. The answer is very simple: the platform comes with a paid plan.

How do you mention another provider in my article?

Simple you comment in the article or send an email on my article.


There are tons of next.js base themes or templates available in the market—the themes help save our time. Time is most important for the developer. I'm always recommended to developers use the built template for their work.

If you used to start work for starch, it opened up you, but you spend a lot of time writing code and designing templates.

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