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Why did we move Gatsby into nextjs?

I explain the topic in under 150 words.

In 2020 there are two main focus libraries in the reactjs ecosystem. Many developers have been confused. Which should I use, gatsby and nextjs? Which is better. In my opinion, both libraries are suitable to provide a great user and developer Experience.

Why move gatsby.js to nextjs

I find Two scenarios; you should consider moving the gatsby website to nextjs.

  1. If you need a server-side rendering (SSR) and client-side rendering (CSR) both in one place and without additional configuration, in case you use nextjs.
  2. In the second case, nextjs create more hype compared to gatsby.js. In the nextjs ecosystem, more developers and companies join together and build plugins, improper nextjs user and developer experience, write better docs, and people share articles all around the nextjs world.

Basis understanding with a simple quote

More companies, more developers + more improvments + more comunity = nextjs




Nextjs Publication is an unofficial publication of Nextjs. Our goal is to bring beginners and pro developer in one place, and everybody understands the basic concept of next.js.

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