NextPakk Airdrop Round 2 Goes Live

Chris Tannahill
Jul 13, 2018 · 3 min read

NextPakk Implements Highly Anticipated Airdrop Round 2!!

It is no secret. At NextPakk, we love to treat our Community!

During a mammoth collaborative effort throughout May 2018, NextPakk’s first airdrop brought in over 100,000 new subscribers across our social platforms. Up to 10 Million PAKKA tokens were reserved for the first airdrop. These were claimed within two weeks; half of the allotted one month timeframe.

And now we’re kicking things off with NextPakk Airdrop Round 2, with
5.5 Million PAKKA tokens available for participants to claim. Individuals can earn up to 200 PAKKA, plus referral bonuses, for completing a small handful of social tasks and entering details into our google form. Join here if you’re keen to get your hands on some PAKKA!

Since we’re not about keeping secrets, let’s also touch on some NextPakk Airdrop and Bounty facts.

  • The round 2 airdrop was initially intended to be a limited speed round.
  • Since the spots filled in less than a day we’ve decided to extend round 2.
  • The form and spreadsheet were altered to allow for the extra participants.
  • The first 2,500 participants in round 2 earned twice the PAKKA rewards.
  • We hold regular Live AMAs on the NextPakk YouTube Channel.
  • The next Live AMA will be held Saturday July 14th at 13:30 UTC.
  • Subscribe, turn on notifications & stay tuned to win some PAKKA tokens.
  • The First Bounty is in full swing on our Bitcoin Talk thread. Join today!
  • NextPakk has reserved 130 Million PAKKA for user rewards over 5 years.
  • 30 Million PAKKA is set aside for current and future Bounty Tasks.
  • 30 Million PAKKA is allocated to the first 1,000,000 platform signups.
  • 70 Million PAKKA will be shared throughout Airdrops and Competitions.
  • Our PAKKA tokens are built on the Stellar Platform, not Ethereum/ERC20.
  • A Stellar Wallet will be required to receive reward tokens in future.
  • Investors are protected by a slow-release method for user reward tokens.
  • A smart contract shall be in place for periodic unlocking of reward tokens.
  • Tokens will be distributed as close as possible to the end of each event.
  • The staggered smart contract will unlock user reward tokens within the receiver’s Stellar Wallet at maximum of 10% per quarter over 2.5 years from the time of distribution.
  • Reward token distribution will only commence after the ICO is completed. There is a Caveat for Ambassador and Reviewer reward tokens. These are a small pool of tokens (less than 1% of the PAKKA Supply) taken from the 30 Million Bounty pool. As formal partners, they will have their tokens released on an accelerated smart contract, receiving 25% per quarter over 1 year. Distribution may commence before the ICO for this small pool.
  • US token holders will need to wait 1 full year before token unlocks begin, due to SEC regulations.

Facts like these are shared regularly within our online communities and are made publicly available on our Website and in our Whitepaper.

We are excited to share our PAKKA tokens among as many members of the community as possible. Through this rewards program we will empower over 1 Million NextPakk users to be pioneers and supporters of our Last-Mile Logistics Network, the first of its kind to be built on Blockchain.

If a few handfuls of free tokens are not enough to soothe your Pakk Itch, you might like to consider participating in our token sale. We are currently accepting applications for the Private Sale. Join the Whitelist here.


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NextPakk is to last-mile logistics what AirBNB is to the hotel industry

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