NextPakk Community Update - October 2018

Monthly Community Update #5 - PAKKed with exciting news & updates.

Bounty #1, Quizzes & AMAs, KYC & The NextPakk App!

Our Team at NextPakk is working tirelessly to bring together the first ever blockchain-based concierge delivery solution for the Logistics industry. We’d be lying if we said our goal is an easy one to achieve, but we’re committed to making our objective the new reality for global consumers and retailers.

A big part of making this happen is having an avid community following. And even though the ICO market has slowed significantly throughout 2018, it’s extremely pleasing for us to say our community activity is as strong as ever.

Throughout October we’ve achieved a significant milestone and we’re now in preparations for the first stages of our community reward PAKKA distribution:

  • NextPakk’s Bounty #1 has ended. With over 2000 participants completing tasks to earn rewards, we’ll soon be distributing up to 8 million of our Stellar-based PAKKA tokens as thank you to our followers on Bitcoin Talk for their efforts.
  • Our KYC process is under development. All participants from Airdrop #1 & #2, Bounty #1 and our Quizzes and AMAs will be given the opportunity to claim their tokens through our upcoming KYC process. We expect to have developments completed by the end of the month, ready to accept submissions throughout November.
  • YouTube AMAs & Telegram Quizzes are back on track. Last weekend we held Quiz #4 & we’ll be going live on the NextPakk YouTube Channel with Our Pakk AMA #8 at 13:30 UTC on Saturday, November 4th, 2018.
  • We’re close to having our Mobile App ready for pilot testing. Our Founder & CEO, Lowell Fortune has been hard at it preparing to release the first version of the app to a small group of testers. He’s been reaching out to a number of developers to assist him in his efforts and is making some rapid progress.

We look forward to the continuation of our strong community activity, and we’re excited to be getting closer to the point where we’re able to distribute reward tokens and present our mobile application to our supporters!


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