NextPakk Community Update - September 2018

Monthly Community Update #4 - PAKKed with exciting news & updates.

NextPakk App, AMAs, Quizzes, Partnerships & Competitions!

There’s no doubt about it, the last 9 months have been tough for blockchain projects and cryptocurrency investors alike. Regulatory concerns surrounding the space paired with a strong bear market have lead to a significant drop off in ICO investments. According to information made publicly available at, monthly investment totals in ICOs have trended down steeply from $1.5 Billion USD in January 2018, to $337 Million USD in August 2018. September isn’t proving any exception to the drop-off; $112 Million USD is known to be invested in ICOs so far, with only two days left in the month at the time of writing. Given the considerable shift in investor sentiment, it’s understandable that this reduction in new investments is leading to many startups having to pause ICOs, with some even pulling the pin on their projects entirely.

At NextPakk, we placed a strategic pause on our token sale during the Pre-Sale in August, as we realized investor participation in ICOs was nearing 12-month lows. Despite the high level of investor interest and community engagement our project regularly receives, if we attempted to complete our token sales as scheduled, this reduced investor participation could have considerably impacted our ability to raise the the critical funding required to enable us to meet key objectives outlined in our road-map.

We’re very appreciative of our community and our investors for their patience throughout this pause. We want to keep all of you updated on our efforts throughout September, as well as some upcoming NextPakk developments while our token sale is on hold.

  • Our Pakk AMAs and NextPakk Quizzes have continued to see strong community participation throughout September. To-date, NextPakk has held 7 AMAs and 3 Quizzes; a total of 10 fun-filled events for our enthusiastic community members. We always look forward to these fortnightly events. They’re a huge highlight for us. Please note our Community Manager will be on leave for the first two weeks of October, so we will be putting a hold on these community activities until the 3rd week of October. Never fear, they‘ll be back bigger and better than ever!
  • Our Founder, Lowell Fortune has been hard at work preparing our Mobile Application for NextPakk Drivers, Retailers, PDPs and Users. Lowell has promised a sneak peak of the NextPakk user app for the community. We’ll aim to have this preview available to users via their NextPakk web accounts by the end of October.
  • We’re actively pursuing new partnerships with organisations that we feel are complimentary to our business model. We recently publicly announced our strategic alliance with Founder’s Huddle. Their team will provide us with ongoing social media management assistance, helping in our continued efforts in engaging our thriving community. In return, we’ll be assisting the huddle to raise awareness of the vast array of services they have available for startup projects. There are a number of additional companies we’re working with privately at this point in time and we hope to be able to share more partnership news with all of you very soon.
  • Throughout October we will be unveiling a new range of community competitions. As we finalize our Airdrop and Bounty Audits and move towards KYC and the commencement of reward distribution, we’ll have exciting new opportunities for our highly active community to continue to earn PAKKA tokens alongside our regular Quizzes and AMAs.

While its true that many projects are shutting up shop due to current market conditions, we’re using this down time throughout our token sale pause as an opportunity to improve our appeal to investors, increase opportunities for our community participants and accelerate NextPakk developments in preparation for our US market release.


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