NextPakk Quiz #3 & Bounty #1 Update!

Chris Tannahill
Sep 15, 2018 · 2 min read
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Test your NextPakk Knowledge during Quiz #3 on Telegram, Sunday, September 16th, 2018.

NextPakk’s 3rd *fortnightly Telegram Quiz, Sunday, September 16th.

Quiz #1 and #2 were so much fun in August that we’ve decided to make NextPakk Quizzes a fortnightly event. We currently host fortnightly AMAs live on our YouTube Channel every second weekend, but to give our community something to look forward to every week, we’ll now be holding quizzes in our Telegram Chat Group on the opposite weekends to the AMAs.

NextPakk Quiz #3 will be held on Sunday, September 15th, in our Telegram Channel. Like quizzes 1 & 2, Quiz #3 will feature up to 25 questions related to the NextPakk project. The first community member to give the correct answer to each question will receive 200 PAKKA tokens. Individual contestants can win up to 1,000 PAKKA per quiz. If you want to take part in our quizzes, join our NextPakk Telegram Chat and follow our NextPakk Announcements.

3 Weeks Remaining in NextPakk’s First Bounty Program on Bitcoin Talk.

For over 20 weeks, NextPakk’s Bitcoin Talk Bounty Program has seen strong community participation. Over 2,000 individuals signed up to take part in the campaign, we’ve racked up over 5,000 reports across 280 Bitcoin Talk pages, and we’re in the process of auditing the 30,000+ posts shared about NextPakk throughout the bounty.

Despite still having a number of weeks to catch up on in the auditing process, due to participation being greater than initially anticipated, we want our community of hunters to rest assured that all stakes earned will be rewarded as promised, even those not yet credited on our spreadsheet. We plan to be fully up to date with stakes when the bounty closes in early October.

We are highly appreciative of the community’s attitude, efforts and patience throughout our first (and likely our largest) bounty campaign.


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NextPakk is to last-mile logistics what AirBNB is to the…

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