NextPakk Vietnam, Quiz #1, AMA #4 & Open Pakk Episode 1 ft. Military Token!

A little something for your Pakk-Itch!

In response to what has been a very tough fortnight for Blockchain Believers, NextPakk will be rewarding our community members for their ongoing support in some fun new ways over the next 2 weeks.

Crypto traders are indecisive, Bitcoin has surrendered its recent bullish gains and most Alt Coins are enduring even heavier blows. But rather than joining the majority, beaten down by this deep market depression, we’re going to stand strong and show Our Pakk that a bit of blood won’t hold us back!

Speaking of which; Our Pakk AMA #4 will be live on our YouTube Channel on Saturday, August 11th at 13:30 UTC. We want to continue to thank our community for their support and ongoing involvement. We’ll be giving away 1000 PAKKA tokens to each participant that has a question answered during the YouTube livestream. Each participant can ask up to 10 questions per AMA.

We’re also going to hold NextPakk Quiz #1 in our Telegram Channel on Sunday, August 12th. Stay tuned in our Announcements Channel to learn how to get involved and what time to join. There’ll be some great PAKKA prizes!

Open Pakk Q&A #1 will be hitting our YouTube Channel in the next two weeks. We’ll be joined by our partner, Military Token. We’ll explore their project in detail, and review our partnership together. There’ll also be some coverage of the current Crypto climate in general. We’ll share more information about this across our all of our social channels, and let you know more about the content and how you can get involved.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve found two Vietnamese Administrators, and formed a partnership with a promoter to help us share more detailed news about NextPakk with our Vietnamese Community. We’ll be opening up the NextPakk Vietnam Telegram Group in the next few days. Make sure your notifications are on in the Announcements Channel.

We’re still on the hunt for Administrators to help us reach our growing Japanese community, so if you’re interested in joining us for this please send an email through to and let‘s talk!


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