The Pursuit of Partnerships, AMA #7 & our Strategic Alliance with Founder’s Huddle

Chris Tannahill
Sep 22, 2018 · 3 min read
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NextPakk & Founder’s Huddle go public with their strategic alliance. And AMA #7 is just around the corner.

AMA #7 Kicks off Saturday, September 22nd, at 13:30 UTC!

The latest edition of Our Pakk, AMA #7 is set to go live within 10 hours of publishing this article. If you’d like to join in on the fun and try to win some PAKKA for your participation, please jump in on NextPakk’s YouTube Channel Livestream at 13:30 UTC, Saturday, Sepetember 22nd, 2018 and send through any burning questions you have about our project.

The Pursuit of Partnerships!

It is widely known that NextPakk’s ICO was placed on hold last month. The cryptocurrency market conditions have been unfavorable due to an overall downtrend remaining in play since January right across the industry. A vast majority of startups have been unable to publicly raise the critical funding required to ensure new projects are sustainable. While many companies have cancelled ICOs completely and disappeared off the public radar due to the market lull, NextPakk is seeing this as an opportunity to accelerate our business rollout and maintain a strong level of community engagement.

We’ve implemented our strategic ICO pause as a way to use the market downturn as a catalyst for us to increase partnerships. We’re teaming up with new Projects, Retailers, Package Deliver Points and Drivers, as well as increasing our private funding efforts. A recap of the pause is available here.

Today we can proudly announce our first public alliance formed during NextPakk’s ICO pause:

NextPakk and Founder’ Huddle team up for Social Media Strategies!

Over the past 6 months, NextPakk has been a front-runner in community development among blockchain projects. Behind the scenes, Founder’s Huddle has played a vital part in NextPakk’s rapid expansion and will continue to do so in future. Each entity feels the time has come to solidify the relationship by announcing it publicly.

Founder’s Huddle is an organisation focused on Tooling The Entrepreneur Collective (TTEC); providing expert services and tailored development plans for startup projects, with a particular focus on helping founders flourish.

NextPakk has been working with Founder’s Huddle, receiving assistance to enhance our social media management capabilities and overall community engagement. Founder’s Huddle has guided us in the creation and implementation of tools such as Airdrops, Bounties, Quizzes and AMAs. Now that NextPakk’s social media channels are fully functioning with high levels of community engagements, we are committed to helping Founder’s Huddle increase public awareness of their available services in future. We’re thankful for the positive impact their services have had on NextPakk’s community development and we look forward to a healthy ongoing alliance.

Guess What!? We’ve been hard at work developing NextPakk’s user app as well, so stay tuned for some news about this in the coming weeks!


Founder’s Huddle Website

NextPakk Website










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