Here’s how we helped this platform disrupt traditional stock trading.

Sonam Gandhi
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6 min readMay 10, 2024

AximTrade offers a comprehensive trading platform that positions itself to cater to both novice and experienced traders. Their platform includes advanced trading tools, and access to a wide range of financial instruments including Forex, stocks, indices, and commodities, where users can execute trades with confidence.

Additionally, AximTrade provides educational resources and personalised support to help clients enhance their trading skills and make informed decisions in the global markets.

Scope of work

Our team was engaged to translate AximTrade’s existing web app to a mobile application for Android and iOS. Later, we were also commissioned to re-design their web app to accommodate newer sections on the platform — which were Partnership and Aximstore.


We created a sustainable design to accommodate the myriad of features and modules inherent to the AximTrade platform on a mobile interface while ensuring that frequently used actions remained readily accessible to the user.

  1. We leveraged AximTrade’s established brand language and refined the application’s colour scheme, typography, and iconography. This refinement process aimed to enhance intuitiveness and maintain consistency across the platform, thereby elevating the overall user interface.
  2. With the rollout of the mobile application, it became evident that the existing web application required a comprehensive overhaul to incorporate additional features aimed at attracting more users and increasing revenue. The revamp focused on organising the application into three distinct sections:
    - Trading Section: Users manage their trading accounts and funds.
    - Partnership Section: Users can share invitation codes to expand their network and earn rebates.
    - Axim Store: A rewards module where users redeem points earned from trading for various merchandise.
    Initially, the stakeholder strategy proposed three separate platforms accessible via a menu. However, to streamline navigation — a critical aspect for traders — we introduced a tabbed interface, bringing all three modules to the forefront.

Copy trading: Harnessing the industry trend to bring in new users

Copy trading is a popular feature provided by trading platforms, which helps novice users copy the trading actions of an established player by paying them a percentage of their winnings as a commission fee. Considering that this feature would be available across both the web and mobile platforms, the challenge was to provide a consistent user experience across devices keeping in mind that the people using it would be amateur traders who would need a lot of guidance from the platform.

We first understood the business and user goals of this feature from the stakeholders and domain experts. We then worked on gaining insight into the parameters that help the users decide which experts to follow and copy trade. Once we had that information, we divided it into primary, secondary, and tertiary data sets, and defined how information should be shown to first-time users, versus regular users.

Upon observation, you’ll notice that new users — who have no investments to track yet and are curious to explore the feature — are presented with a list of people they might want to consider for copy trading.

Once the user has made an investment, however, the focus needs to shift to more relevant information — ie. how their investments are doing. In both scenarios, the primary information is presented as an informative summary, which the user will be able to tap on to further explore.

We followed a similar UX pattern in the web re-design, keeping the cross-platform experience consistent.

Funds transfer: Keeping this functionality at the forefront

The process of transferring funds in and out of platform wallet is a critical process. While we needed to make the process quick and accessible, we also needed to ensure that the design minimises the risk of errors, ensuring financial safety for the users above all else.

Before our engagement with Aximtrade, users could only transfer funds through the web platform. Therefore it became imperative that keep this functionality at the forefront of our mobile design.

In order for users to decide how they would like to move their funds around, they would need access to information such as monetary indicators like their current investment amount, the amount of profit to date, and the available withdrawal balance. Easy access to these metrics helps users make informed decisions.

Additionally, a dedicated “Wallet” tab on the navigation bar streamlines fund transfers. This tab offers ample space for the transfer process, including strategically placed options for deposit bonuses, which aligns with the company’s goals while maintaining a focused interface for managing funds.

We further took steps to enhance this experience in the redesigned web app, where the users could easily transfer funds from within the trading tab, and also from the “Withdraw and Deposit” button that is always present on the top navigation bar, so that users can access this feature at any time.

Trading, Partnership, and Aximstore: Platform re-designed for scalability and ease of use

While working on the mobile design, we were also commissioned to redesign their current web application, in parallel to the work being done on the mobile app. Alongside the Trading section, our task was also to include two new sections into the existing platform which would also appear on our mobile design in the future.

The first was the Partnership section. In trade brokers in Forex recruit and manage a network of people to increase their earnings. Aximtrade offered Rebate and CPA-based commissions to their brokers to choose from. Thus, the stakeholders thought it wise to present these features in a new section for a more focused experience.

Next was the Aximstore. This section was to let user cash in their points in return for merchandise of their choice. Like a reward system for being loyal to Aximtrade. The more users traded or recruited the better points they earned. So, the design direction of this section needed to be like an e-commerce website — which would be completely different from the Trading and Partnership section. So it also needed its own section within Aximtrade platform.

After going through a large presentation and video recording of how the platform was being visualised by the product team, we saw a wonderful opportunity to put our expertise to use and sat down to optimise the solution.

Firstly, we suggested that the two new modules could be directly added to the global navigation as tabs, instead of hiding them inside a menu as suggested by product team.

Our reasons were simple:

  1. It was confirmed by the product team that there weren’t going to be a large number of sections added to the platform design besides the two mentioned in the current requirement.
  2. Platforms supporting trading need to be quick, enabling users to jump between modules with minimal clicks and effort. The tab structure gave them the agility to navigate swiftly and easily.
  3. This tabbed structure allows AximTrade to showcase key information directly on the tabs themselves. This gives users a quick glimpse of what’s inside each section, helping them decide whether to delve deeper.

The suggested approach delighted the product team and was approved for execution. Once developed, this approach would become the main differentiator from AximTrade’s competitors, as it splits the product into different sections while maintaining quick navigation between modules.