Local Man Somehow Thinks Golf Game Improved Over The Winter

“I realized I just have to keep my head down.”

New York —

A local man is filled with excitement after convincing himself that he fixed his golf game over the recent six month winter. Mike Camerlengo of Brooklyn, NY can’t wait to get out on the course and show that you don’t need to take expensive lessons to improve your score. “I kept a Golf Digest by my toilet, so every time I’d sit down, I’d read about all the ways to cut down on strokes. Let’s just say I sat down a lot so you do the math,” explained Camerlengo as he stood up and practiced his swing, sans club, in the very busy Starbucks.

Reading Golf Digest was just the beginning for Camerlengo as he underwent what he referred to as “heavy visualization” during Christmas time. “While everyone was opening presents I just tilted my head back and pictured chipping on the green with absolutely no thought of a mental breakdown happening. Not even on 17. You know 17, right? Where they purposely put the bunkers all around the green to mess with you? Bunkers. Fuckin’ bunkers…” Camerlengo trailed off after repeating “fuckin’ bunkers” several times but an unnamed friend confirmed Camerlengo lost five balls and snapped a sand wedge over his knee on 17 before vowing to “never play this shitbag game again.”

“…bunkers…why so many…bunkers…”

Camerlengo, for his part, has left that in the past and is now beaming with excitement. “I learned a lot from watching Dustin Johnson win the Genesis Open in February. I had just come in from shoveling out my car for over five hours and I see Dustin swinging. Head down, follow through. It’s easy. Golf is easy if you think about it. And I did think about it…between October and April. I’ve definitely figured out this game and I can’t wait to hit the links.”