BMW + Snapchat = 3D Augmented Reality Version of New Model BMW X2

Vaishali M Kumar
Nov 26, 2017 · 2 min read

BMW, a Luxurious car- maker merged with the popular photo- sharing application platform that is Snapchat. Snapchat has expanded their trail lens by letting the customers ‘try out’ new ‘X2’ car by customizing the colors and visualizing it from all the angles.

Fans are all over the world, can use Snapchat’s new Augmented Reality technology to view. And it could also configure a 3D realistic model of the new addition.

Advertisement campaign of AR:

The luxury brand is the first to create a 3D (AR) Augmented reality version of the product with the photo-sharing app as a part of the new advertising campaign is about to launch the BMW X2.

The BMW X family has the new member, the BMW X2 has a combined consumption of fuel of 6.4- 4.61 out of 100 km and the combined of CO2 emissions of 144 g per km.

Face Lens:

They have already got millions of audience across the Europe with the X2 ‘Face Lens’ in Galvanic Gold. ‘Face Lens’ are used for taking selfies. It is going to add color to the face with BMW X2 Galvanic Gold communications press.

This face lens has seen by 40 million times. And all over 13 million are the users of Snapchat.

Snapchat application users are also selecting to play with the X2 Face Lens for an average of half a minute. The snaps are made by 2.5million with the BMW ‘X2’ Galvanic Gold Face Lens.

Originally published at Nextworm.

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