Nexty Swat Campaign — 100,000,000 NTY prizes are available for top participants every month!

In order to expand Nexty community and spread Nexty value & potential to millions of new investors, we would like to introduce Nexty Swat program with the total reward goes up to 100,000,000 NTY! In addition to this reward, Nexty Swat participants also have opportunities to earn another hundreds of millions NTY from Pool Reward

Benefits of joining Nexty Swat Campaign:

  • To earn thousands of dollars monthly
  • To experience new campaign, program, project and D-apps of Nexty in advance
  • To have priority in introducing new partners to Nexty

Risks of joining Nexty Swat Campaign:

  • Absolutely safe, please kindly read more to see the reasons!

Campaign launching plan:

  • Global community: 15 November 2018
  • Korea community: 22 November 2018
  • Vietnam community: 30 November 2018

Mission №1 — Swat rewards: Up to 100,000,000 NTY

General idea:

“Nexty Swat” is a group of Nexty enthusiasts who have a strong passion for Nexty and are ready to join hands to introduce our project to more and more potential investors. Especially, to ones who are interested in the Blockchain breakthrough that Nexty owns. Nexty Swat missions are very simple: Kindly comment about Nexty on social networks, then submit the link of your work in Nexty Swat telegram group to get a thumb-up from admin for each valid link. Each thumb-up brings participants 200 NTY. In addition, if you reach top 100 at the end of the month, you will win a huge reward, up to 100,000,000 NTY


  • In order to join Nexty Swat, participants must deposit at least 100,000 NTY .The deposit will be locked for 1 month and will be refunded when Nexty Swat program of that month ends
  • Participants must have accounts on other Social network sites

Mission instruction

Step 1: Join Nexty Swat group ( and Nexty official group (

Step 2: Deposit at least 100,000 NTY (see deposit instruction)

Deposit instruction:
· #Step 1: Please kindly start a private conversation with the Bot: @NextyBotQA_bot
· #Step 2: Enter the command /deposit
· #Step 3: Use Nexty Wallet app to scan the QR code from the Bot. Send AT LEAST 100,000 NTY

Step 3: Comment about Nexty on twitter, Bitcointalk, reddit, medium, facebook, etc

Step 4: Submit valid link in Nexty Swat group (

Step 5: Admins give thumbs-up for valid links. Thumbs-up will be recorded by Nexty Bot


  • The submitted link must be accessible during the program until admins finish checking
  • Comments must be public in public groups, threads, etc
  • Comments must be at least 100 words with clear idea and explanation or with evidence/ examples
  • Each link can be submitted only once


Swat rewards mission ranks participants basing on the number of thumbs-up they get from admins

1st prize: 30,000,000 NTY for 1 winner
2nd prize: 19,000,000 NTY for 1 winner
3rd prize: 10,000,000 NTY for 1 winner
Rank 4–10: 21,000,000 NTY for 7 winners
Rank 11–30: 10,000,000 NTY for 20 winners
Rank 31–60: 6,000,000 NTY for 30 winners
Rank 61–100: 4,000,000 NTY for 40 winners

→ Total: 100,000,000 NTY

Mission №2 — Pool Rewards: Up to thousands of millions NTY

General idea:

“Pool rewards” is a mission that requires participants to refer friends into Nexty Swat group. Valid referrals must be from valid participants in Swat reward mission (already deposit 100,000 NTY which is still locked)


  • Participants have already joint Swat reward Mission and already get 10 thumbs-up from admins
  • Participants have already deposited at least 100,000 NTY
  • For deposit > 100,000 NTY, participants will be refunded 90% when Nexty Swat of that month ends 10% will be sent to “Pool rewards”

Mission instruction:

· Step 1: Click on “Group Infor” of Nexty group on telegram

· Step 2: Click “invite” then choose the friends in your contact list

· Step 3: Ask your friend to deposit at least 100,000 NTY


· Only when the refered friends finish step 3, will your referrals be valid

· Only when you get at least 10 thumbs-up from Mission no.1 (Swat rewards), will you be valid to join this mission.


  • Each referrals will automatically earns 5,000 NTY. Another 5,000 NTY from Nexty marketing budget will be added into the Pool
  • 1St prize: 40% total pool
  • 2Nd prize: 20% total pool
  • 3Rd prize: 10% total pool

Ranking formula:

Point = Number of referrals x deposit amount x number of thumbs-up

E.g: In Nexty Swat November 2018, A participant named X 
#refers 30 friends, 
#deposits 2,000,000 NTY
# & gets 40 thumbs-up from admins
→ X’s point = 30 x 2,000,000 x 40 = 2,400,000,000

Pool reward formula:

Pool value = 20% previous Pool + 10% deposit (only deposit > 100,000 NTY) x monthly referrals x 5,000 NTY

#Total deposit which is > 100,000 NTY in Nexty Swat November = 1,000,000,000 NTY 
 → 10% = 100,000,000 NTY
#20% previous pool = 20,000,000 NTY
#Total referrals in Nexty Swat November: 5,000 new participants
→ Pool value = 5,000 x 5,000 NTY + 100,000,000 NTY + 20,000,000 NTY = 145,000,000 NTY

Pool allocation:

  • 20% will be saved for the next pool
  • 10% will be burnt
  • 70% will be distributed for 3 listed winners

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Nexty Swat pose no risk for participants?
  • To participate in this program, you only need a minimum of 100,000 NTY, equivalent to $ 10.8 as of November 7, 2018, according to When you win the 1st prize, you will receive a 30,000,000 NTY reward , which is equivalent to $3,300. It is incredibly easy for you to win at least the 3rd prize if you are really dedicate to the mission. Even if you rank the 100th, you will also receive a minimum of 100,000 NTY.
  • The amount of NTY you have deposited will be refunded to you, you absolutely do not lose anything.
  • Moreover, if you get 50 valid thumbs-up from admins daily, this means you will receive 300,000 NTY monthly.

2. What would happen if NTY price plunges?

  • To join the Nexty Swat program, participants have to deposit 100,000 NTY to help spread Nexty value to more people. This deposit amount is locked, while the demand increases along with the number of Nexty supporters increases. Therefore, the price of NTY can not easily plunges.
  • On the bright side, if the price of NTY surges, the profit you may win is much impressive However, even if NTY plunges by 10–30%, participants still earn profit

3. So, where does the huge amount NTY come from for rewards?

  • Aftrer ICO, Nexty saves 10,000,000,000 NTY for Marketing budget. Currently, this budget remains approximately 7,000,000,000 NTY. If we spent 100,000,000 NTY monthly for Nexty Swat, this program can last for 3 years.
  • Afterall, the true gains from this campaign is to bring real investors to Nexty and help spread Nexty value to more and more new investors. Not to mention the number of locked NTY each month from Nexty Swat will be huge.
If you have any question, please feel free to send us a ticket to Or ask the admin team directly on Nexty telegram group!

Thanks and Best regards,

The Nexty team