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2 min readDec 21, 2022


To reflect on another great year and prepare for the next, we want to share some exciting 2022 Nexus milestones and highlight some stats that go to show why every live-service game should have a Support-a-Creator program.

We launched our in-game Support-a-Creator API

This API lets developers integrate a creator program directly into their game, making it even easier for players to support content creators.

Our Referral product is live!

Content creators/players keep a game’s ecosystem thriving — from driving new downloads to in-game purchases, & increased playtime. Developers who use this product can reward creators/existing players whenever they influence others to engage.

We announced many new partnerships with more to come!

We’re humbled to help power Support-a-Creator programs for Capcom, Ninja Kiwi Games, Fangs, Paladins, Rogue Company, Divine Knockout, Splitgate, Legion TD 2, and with the developer of Big Ballers VR, the first Oculus game with a program powered by Nexus.

Creators continue to receive value from the Support-a-Creator programs they’re a part of!

Some standout content creators on Nexus include: Tewtiy, Rexsi, Incon, Weak3n, Controlled Pairs, SamDaDude, Empyrian, and Mast.

And now, a few fun stats centered around Creator success:

In 2022, the total dollar amount Nexus paid out to creators increased by 77%.

Driving value for content creators is one of our guiding principles, so this growth is especially important to us.

The number of creators we paid out also grew — by 84% to be exact!

We’re building Nexus to support all types and niches of content creators, so this increase shows that we’re on the right path.

12.4% of purchases on Nexus in 2022 included a tip!

Tipping on a commodity is uncommon, so the fact that supporters tip on top of purchasing a game demonstrates how much people value recommendations from content creators..

We’ll be sharing even more data in early 2023 that illustrates the strong efficacy of Support-a-Creator programs, so stay tuned!

It’s clear, now more than ever, that we’re on the right track, so we’ll continue on the path of working with publishers to bring Support-a-Creator programs to the games and communities we all know and love.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to each of our publisher, developer, and content creator partners. We’re humbled to work with each of you and look forward to growing with you in 2023!



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