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Nexus Feature Spotlight: Custom Sign-up Flows for Support-A-Creator Programs

Throughout our time building Nexus, we’ve always worked to put publishers and creators first. And now as an extension of this work, we’re continuing to look for ways to help support-a-creator creator programs grow from behind the scenes, allowing the publisher and the game’s brand to take center stage.

So, in order to better represent each Publisher’s active role in supporting the creators who play their game, we now provide custom signup flows in addition to the custom landing page for each support-a-creator program on Nexus.

This new branded signup flow is more outwardly publisher-branded, a program built by and made possible by the publisher with support from Nexus. When Publishers customize their landing page and signup flow they curate the experience intended for creators entering the program, taking control of the messaging, managing expectations, and building their own unique flavor of hype.

Right now, there are two types of signup flows to choose from. Publishers implementing an API-only program might create a landing page and signup flow similar to Splitgate. Likewise, programs that feature API integration and storefront access may more closely resemble that of Legion TD 2.



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