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Nexus x Bloons Battles 2 — Ninja Kiwi’s 2nd Support-a-Creator Program Powered by Nexus

What’s more awesome than awesome? Well, if creator codes are awesome, and Ninja Kiwi’s motto is “more awesomer,” then the latest implementation of our Support-a-Creator API in Ninja Kiwi’s game “Bloons Battles 2” (their second Nexus Creator Code API-integrated title) might just be the most awesome thing yet.

Bloons Battles 2 is a competitive multiplayer take on the popular balloon-popping tower defense game Bloons TD 6, a title that has become the gold star example of how to best implement the Nexus Creator Code API. The Bloons TD 6 implementation places the Support-a-Creator function in the game’s options menu, saving the last used creator code for ease of use, and using clear visual cues to confirm when codes are entered correctly.

Likewise, Bloons Battles 2 features many of the same ease-of-access considerations, saving last-used codes and clearly indicating whether or not a creator is currently being supported. This is a necessity, as Bloons TD 6 players (and content creators) are likely to also play Battles 2 (and vice-versa), so it’s important to maintain a sense of familiarity between titles.

Since late August, fans have been supporting their favorite Bloons TD 6 content creators by using their code when purchasing coins in game, so the addition of a Support-a-Creator system in Bloons Battles 2 is a natural progression of the Nexus x Ninja Kiwi partnership. We’re thrilled to continue supporting Ninja Kiwi’s community of content creators.

Creators interested in applying to join either program can visit the following program pages: and



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