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Nexus x NinjaKiwi: In-Game Integration

What could possibly make Nexus more awesome? In our quest for continued coolness, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Bloons TD 6 creators NinjaKiwi, whose motto is literally “More Awesomer.”

The NinjaKiwi team has integrated the Nexus Creator Code API into Bloons TD 6, a tower defense combining Monkey Towers, Heroes, and activated abilities. Now Bloons TD 6 content creators can create their own in-game code, which their community can use while purchasing in-game items, and that creator will earn 15% of the purchase.

“The folks have been amazing to work with and we truly hope this will allow a virtuous cycle between player, Creator, and game developer. Ninja Kiwi doesn’t think that paid sponsorships [are] good for the game-Creator-viewer/player ecosystem, but we think that and Creator codes can be.”

Program Roll Out & Implementation

NinjaKiwi is rolling out creator code support for 18 content creators who contribute to making the community “more awesomer”. There are plans to expand the program to a larger pool of partners as the program develops.

NinjaKiwi’s implementation of the Creator Code API is cross-platform therefore allowing players to support their favorite Bloons TD 6 content creators wherever they play: Steam, iOS, and Android!

Their implementation also encourages repeat support for content creators by keeping the creator code field filled in post-checkout so that players can more easily support the creator the next time they purchase in-game items.

We’re thrilled to be partnered with the awesome team at NinjaKiwi and look forward to building out their program with them. We’re so excited, we could just… pop! 🎈💥



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