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4 min readFeb 5, 2021


Okay, so. Being a content creator is pretty cool. It’s awesome to be able to take a hobby, like playing video games, and turn it into a job. The only sad part is that, in order to make money like a job, you kinda have to treat it like a job.

Now, that doesn’t have to be a vibe killer. But you do need to recognize your work for what it is — brand management. Think about it: why are your fans your fans? What brought your audience to your content? It’s no accident that they’re here, and they won’t have arrived at your store by mistake. In this instance, your brand is your personality — your style, your aesthetic, your values! Your fans can buy these games anywhere they want… but they’re here for you!

This Business IS Personal

So… if your brand is your personality, and your store should reflect your brand, then we need to make sure that your store is unmistakably, undeniably you, from head to toe.

What we mean is… Your store shouldn’t just reflect what you do, but who you are. Showcase your aesthetic in the design. Demonstrate your values in the game selection. Feature your opinions in the reviews.

You are worth more than your name on a blank background. SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!

What Defines Your Style?

This part can be tricky, because some of you are professional graphic designers (or… have at least commissioned work from professional graphic designers). And some of you used ms paint to edit a meme of a cartoon character…

But it doesn’t matter! Whether your aesthetic is a vaporwave head bust, or a pixelated trash bag, we want more of that!

Create assets using an image editor of your choice, and upload them in the Details tab. Then, use the Design tab to match the look of your store to those assets. There are prebuilt themes with suggested palettes, but those of you with an eye for color might consider the “custom” theme category, where you can match your visuals down to the hex code.

What Do You Value in a Game?

So if your personality is your brand, which video games get your glittering endorsement and which games get your ‘I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite game on the Citadel’ vote of approval?

Some creators may curate party games. Others may focus on military FPS. You could even make a store that only sells games about characters named “Adam,” if you wanted to. There’s an alarming number of them! But that’s beside the point — the point is that, whether you realize it or not, you already have games that you play and games that you do not play. Your preferences shape your content, and your content shapes your community. So, your Nexus should cater to that community.

Curate your Nexus in the “Games” tab of the dashboard. Here you can choose up to 10 games to showcase your tastes. While you can direct link to games not included in this list (to meet any other interests your audience may have), this selection of games will be what visitors see right away when visiting your storefront. They’ll be interested in learning what games you’re endorsing — games they might not have tried yet! Now that they can nab those games, while also supporting a creator that they love, it will be easier for them to pull the trigger.

What Shapes Your Opinion of a Game?

And NOW — the piece de resistance — writing game reviews! This final part can feel a little bit like homework… until you realize it isn’t even hard, and won’t take you long at all!

Writing a Nexus game review is easier than it looks. Once you get the hang of it, your biggest obstacle will probably be the character limit. Take some time and read our guide on the subject.

Your review doesn’t have to be super wordy — in fact, it probably shouldn’t be! After all, your fans have had plenty of chances to read full-length reviews. That’s not why they’re here. They’re here because they want to know what you have to say about these games.

Add reviews by hovering over a game with your cursor, then clicking the “edit” button. If you have a video that you feel best represents your experience with the game, you can also attach that video here. Remember: your audience trusts what you have to say. Be concise, be sincere, and be you.



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