Our community grants programme is live!

The Nexus Mutual Community Fund has been set up, the NXM have been minted and now we’re excited to announce that the first proposals are live for your vote!

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4 min readMar 22, 2021


How will the Community Fund work?

The Community Fund is in place to support our community to bring their skills and experience to growing and developing the mutual. We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas, potential projects and collaborations.

Anyone can apply for a community fund grant by filling in this form. Projects should benefit the growth and development of the mutual but aren’t limited otherwise — examples could include anything from writing newsletters to creating videos to building on top of Nexus and beyond.

Our Core Team will review all proposals and make a comment on how each project would help develop the mutual — they will then be uploaded onto the Nexus community forum for open discussion with the community. On the forum the community should discuss items such as the amount of NXM to award and how they see the project could benefit the growth and development of the mutual. These forum discussions will be open for 7 days and then we’ll list a community snapshot vote which will be open for a further 7 days.

If the snapshot proposal passes our team of multi-sig guardians will sign a transaction to distribute the NXM, as agreed by the community, on an individual project basis. We’ll then work with the person/team behind the proposal to integrate with the core team’s work.

Our Core Team will also put forward projects we think would fit with our roadmap and list them in our Discord, on Twitter and on this page of our docs.

If you have any ideas you’d like to discuss, or have a potential project you would like to run by us, please get in touch with the team to book a 15 minute chat about your idea.

Impact matrix

All proposals will be considered based on their potential impact on the mutual.

  • Awareness/education
    Projects that seek to grow awareness of Nexus in the wider community and to help members understand how the mutual works. Examples could include writing docs or newsletters, producing videos, memes, NFTs.
  • Distribution/sales
    Projects that focus on b2b partnerships or increase distribution of cover at the source of the primary purchase (ie, on DeFi apps). Examples could include building a distributor on top of Nexus, integrations with other projects, or designing new products.
  • Technical improvements/capability
    Projects that seek to expand functionality of the mutual or development of new products. Examples could include contributing to open source code, designing user interfaces, building a reinsurance layer or constructing bundled yield bearing and protected products.
All proposals will be considered based on their impact vs effort score from this matrix

Live proposals

We currently have 5 proposals for grants open for discussion. The forum topics will be open for 7 days, closing on Monday 29 March. We will then list them on our snapshot page for community voting — this will be open for 7 days.

Proposal: Improved UI/UX for wNXM swapper
Making it easier and less scary to interact with wNXM by improving UX and giving an alternative to the long Arweave address.

Proposal: How to maximise NXM benefits of Badger DAO
Article and surrounding educational effort was a large contributor to the recent influx of Badger DAO cover buys. This article can be used as a blueprint for other communities.

Proposal: Building Dune Analytics dashboard for Nexus
Cutting through the economics of Nexus is difficult and this Dune dashboard will provide a streamlined protocol P&L and Balance Sheet that will help educate existing and future members.

Proposal: Collaboration on our Docs
Updating docs is a large task, that is very valuable from an educational perspective but hard to prioritise as a small team. The core team has benefited greatly from having a community member take on the work but also help clarify areas that have led to confusion.

Proposal: Set-up funds
Grant 10 NXM to each multi-sig guardian to cover gas fees for implementing the proposals and grant 1000 NXM to our Head of Community to enable small one-off purchases and incidental expenses. This is to avoid voter fatigue and enable the smooth running of the Fund.

Community call

Join us this week on our community call to hear about the launch of the Community Fund, encouraging community participation in the development of the mutual and ideas for projects we’d love to see proposed for a grant.

  • Nexus update and roadmap (Protocol Cover and increased staking leverage)
  • Community Fund
  • DeFi cover (cover to include several interlinked protocols)
  • Investment earnings

The call will take place on the community calls channel in our Discord server on Thursday 25th March at 2pm (GMT). We look forward to welcoming our community then.

For detailed, technical discussions and community fund proposals use our forum.

Join our community on Discord.

For Telegram updates join the announcements channel and discussion group.

For all stats and data visit the Nexus tracker built by Richard Chen.



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