How Can You Rescue Your Employees from Procrastination?

Do you remember the college years when you used to postpone studying for exams until the day before? This kind of attitude can be seen at employees too when they delay starting work on a project because they are too busy doing other unproductive stuff.

Procrastination is a natural, emotional human reaction. Even if we trained ourselves to pass over this problem, there are days when we feel too lazy to start a new project.

1. Measure the procrastination costs

It is important to understand how much money are wasted when the practical activities are delayed. Every team member should know how much costs his working time. We don’t talk about salary; we speak of the value of the employee contribution to the company’s profit. It is recommended to discuss clearly with the employees about the turnover, the mean increase percentage from the last years and the financial benefits that can be assured by a future context economic growth.

2. Don’t allow the disorder at the office

Establish from the beginning some rules about cleaning up at the office. A messy working space will make a wrong impression for a partner that visits you. Secondly, the disorder is bothersome and keep people from focusing on what they have to do. Imagine that they have to do something urgent and their office is full of things, or maybe they can’t find the necessary materials because of the muddle.

3. Schedule the working time

As a manager, I always try to help the employees to plan their working hours and share the tasks equally in the team. Therefore, you have to know if they are beyond the deadline because they are overworked or they occupy their time with unproductive activities. For developing the business, you need to have a better understanding and a firm control of the team’s activity. Enigma 365 will generate information about measuring the productivity on the computer.

During the time, on the base of the productivity reports, you will understand where the dead times are coming from, and you will succeed to coordinate the team better, showing your colleagues how they can organize efficiently their resources, their working hours and even the breaks.

4. Evaluate the working projects during the process, not only at the end of it

Propose to your employees to show you some drafts of the project or to offer you updates about their work, to provide feedback. Instead of using all the time to find out the correct solution, they can adjust their activity in the meantime to obtain the expected results quickly.

5. Don’t forbid entirely the relaxing moments

There are some moments when people are not in a good mood or they are tired and can’t focus on what they have to do. In these situations, procrastination can be beneficial, because it offers time for resting and information sedimentation.

The procrastination is a reasonable and emotional reaction. Propose your colleagues that when they want to relax, they can do some productive activities that can help to end their future tasks. For example, they can organize their desk, the working papers, watch tutorials or read for enhancing their professional skills.

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