Trace McSorley, QB, Penn State

Scouting Report: Trace McSorley

2018 NFL Mock Draft

School: Penn State Position: Quarterback Class: Junior Height: 6–0 Weight: 195 lbs Projected Draft Round: 5–7

Scouting Report:

Productive and dependable quarterback that has been effective against top competition for the last two seasons. An accurate passer, particularly with medium range throws, McSorley is smart and experienced. Has quick feet that can work the pocket, and has the mobility to be a threat running the ball. Very undersized, and should measure below six foot at the combine, which is going to push him down and off of most teams’ draft boards, particularly because he doesn’t appear to have large hands and an ideal release point, which help alleviate those substandard measurables. An excellent competitor, though, and could make his way into the back end of the draft as a backup QB in the right system.

Video Highlights:

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