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NFL + React

Richard Herrera
Feb 23, 2016 · 6 min read
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React Los Angeles Meetup at the NFL Studios • March 2014

The Path to Wildcat

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A wildcat. He’s quite young, like our framework.
  • Updating shared components across many applications became tedious and unsynchronized.
  • Webpack compilation negatively impacted the development experience by lengthening build, test, and deploy times as our codebases increased.
  • Code-sharing suffered across repositories (especially as various Flux patterns emerged)
  • Can we be smarter about loading components on the browser?
  • Can we effectively share React components across our properties?
  • With HTTP2 on the horizon, can we practically adopt a bundle-free environment?
  • Can we pre-render and serve React pages on multiple domains from one web application?
  • Can we achieve our goals using a monolithic repository and server application across multiple domains and subdomains?
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A graphical mind map of Wildcat. (We know, it’s complicated. We’ll walk through these below.)
  • react-wildcat-handoff is the application client / server renderer
  • react-wildcat-prefetch is an agnostic higher order component to prefetch component data
  • react-wildcat-hot-reloader adds hot-reloading capabilities to Wildcat
  • react-wildcat-ensure is a wrapper for System.import that behaves like Webpack’s require.ensure
  • react-wildcat-test-runners manages end-to-end and unit testing with Karma, Protractor and Mocha.

The Application Server

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Static Asset Management

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Image for post -> moduleA -> -> moduleA -> -> moduleA -> -> moduleA ->

The Client

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Dev Tools

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The Road Ahead

Wildcat is still in its infancy. It treads new, unexplored ground in many areas. We hope it can be used as a performance yardstick for the near-future of React applications. There are still many questions to answer and many features to refactor. We invite you to take a look at our framework and reach out with questions or concerns. The NFL Engineering team is only getting started with React. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

NFL Engineers


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