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‘Elements’ - Will Make You Fall In ❤ With Blockchain & NFTs!

Extraordinary is in its inception to tremble the NFT Metaverse & Rule over the ordinary!

A new blockchain phenomenon and a breakthrough in the NFT technology is here to re-establish and re-construct the world of NFT and digital art.

Join the Game of Building, Fighting and Owning Powerful Creatures on “Planet EO” (Explore the vast boundaries of the metaverse).

  • It’s not just a useless NFT!
  • The NFT itself is a game of building powerful creatures of Planet Eo.
  • Offers SHELL (Unit of value in Metaverse planet Eo) Coin Airdrop to all NFT holders.
  • First NFT that can combine(), split() and breakdown() [Transformable & Dynamic NFT]
  • Enter the first- metaverse to live an alien creature life {live an alien life in planet EO}.
  • First NFT with community-managed rarity (you & the community decides the rarity of each NFT).
  • More than 40 Alien creatures Designed in 3D with dynamic properties {30 more creatures are launching without increasing the supply}.
  • Perfectly designed ecosystem which addresses the demand of NFTs {A one-stop NFT both for sport & success}

‘Elements’ is not just an NFT; it’s an emotion! Find out more about the project and join the action!



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Had the goblins been there? Were they only the phantoms of cowardice and unbelief? No, but the goblins had been there. They returned. Yes, the goblins returned.