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Dear MoonWalkers and crypto guys,

We are constantly receiving questions from you about the upcoming DAO, whitelist and presale of Avatars — thank you very much for your interest! Some of you have participated in AMA sessions hosted by us in our community and partners’ ones, and we had such a pleasure to discuss our project in details.

We have decided to build up a list of frequently asked questions and divided it into 5 sections: DAO, Avatars, Profits, Whitelist and Sale stages. Some questions are taken from our AMAs and community chats, the orthography stays in origin.

At the moment the preparations are underway for the Presale of DAO Avatars. We grant over 10 sources of income and management rights in the Moonopolis City.

Now it is a great opportunity to get into Whitelist and get a DAO Avatar at a price of 0.08 ETH. For more details, go to the website and get whitelisted: https://daomoonopolis.space/

– What is DAO Moonopolis?

Moonopolis is the first city founded in the NFT Moon Metaverse, it is self-governed and decentralized. That means there is a DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) consisting of 5,000 Avatars — the managing board of the Metaverse community.

– Why is DAO in NFT Moon Metaverse?

NFT Moon Metaverse is evolving on the basis of the Create2Earn model, and DAO stands for the cornerstone of its creator economy. On the first stage, only 5,000 Avatars will be available for entering DAO Moonopolis. The project is seeking to reward early-stage participants with effective ownership and significant voting power.

– DAO is the equality of all participants, and if the owners have expensive ID cards and avatars, then they will have more prospects than those who have less expensive NFTs. Is that correct?

No. The ownership of an Avatar affects only the DAO. 1 Avatar equals 1 vote. There are no levels or gradations in Avatars. Therefore, all participants of DAO are equal in their rights and voting power. The number of Avatars only matters. But you can buy no more than 5 Avatars per 1 wallet.

– Will there be a governor or mayor in the municipality, and what will be his duties?

This issue will be decided by the DAO.

– Will other metaverses be created? How will the interplanetary transfer between the moon and another metaverse work, where everyone can do business between the two metaverses?

We are making the Metaverse that is expanding. The creation of other planets is also possible as well as the interaction between planets. By the way, the DAO will be a key decision-maker to solve these issues.

– It is obvious how shops, offices, advertising and other trading platforms created in the Metaverse can be profitable. And what is about a green zone, for example, let it be a nature reserve or a park (or any non-commercial activity or entity)? Will the Metaverse DAO help with the development of such an intention?

Yes, there will be public and non-commercial places where you can just spend free time and relax. DAO decides on the fund allocation and such zones can be an article of this budget.

– What are DAO Avatars?

DAO Avatars are the Managing Board of Moonopolis — the premier city in NFT Moon Metaverse. They are the key decision-makers on how this NFT Moon Metaverse works and its economy develops. DAO Avatars get access to 10+ sources of income and CLEVER management experience — Create, Earn, Learn, Vote, Enjoy, Rule in the Metaverse.

– Why shall I DAO? Is it relevant to me?

Via the DAO, you can influence an evolution of the Metaverse and navigate its future. DAO Avatars are the key decision-makers on how this world works and its economy develops.

• Like-minded Community reinventing the reality
• Managing Board of Moonopolis City
• 300+ earning opportunities incl. income from sales of ID Cards, Moon Plots and DAO Avatars
• Voting power and early access to all activities in the Metaverse
• Transparency, Open source and Equal distribution

– Besides honors, is being a DAO Avatar profitable?

Yes, all DAO Avatars get access to 10+ sources of income and CLEVER management experience in Moonopolis City.

Besides, before the rise of Moonopolis and launch of the NFT Moon Metaverse, owners of DAO can participate in sales of ID Cards for MoonWalkers — the inhabitants of the Metaverse.

– What are the advantages and profits of being a DAO Avatar?

Besides personalization experience, management privileges and vote rights, DAO Avatars get access to over 10 exclusive sources of income, in particular:

  • ID Cards Sale. DAO members receive 30% income from the sale of Moonopolis City ID Cards and NFT Certificates.
  • DAO Avatars Recrutement. After the first 2,000 Avatars sold, 30% of the remaining Avatars will be sent to the DAO who decides the direction of these funds.
  • Royalties. 5% of the royalties from the resale of avatars will be sent to DAO Moonopolis.
  • Creation and sale of new DAO Avatars. After 5,000 Avatars are sold, the DAO can make a decision and sell another 5,000 Avatars and send 40% of the income to the DAO.
  • Income from projects across Metaverse. Within the city, you can come up with any place or type of activity, and part of the income from this location or business will be directed to the DAO.
  • Besides, before the rise of Moonopolis and launch of the NFT Moon Metaverse, owners of DAO Avatars can participate in sales of ID Cards for MoonWalkers — the inhabitants of the Metaverse.

– How to participate in DAO Avatars PreSale?

On this end, we are launching the dedicated website about DAO Moonopolis and Avatars — welcome to explore more and proceed with the Whitelist in Discord.

– Is there a guide how to get into Whitelist?

Yes, here is the video instruction: https://youtu.be/4kk1Q6CBm6M

– What are DAO Avatars sale stages?

  1. Whitelist till May 15. Early access to request for a Presale for NFT Moon Metaverse Community and its partners (via Partnership program)
  2. Presale — May 15–16. Only 500 DAO Avatars available for 0.08 ETH per one.
  3. Sale since May 17. The remaining 4,500 DAO Avatars are sold for 0.1 ETH per one.

My question will be related to the introduction of DAO, it will be about the first 500 WLs sold, after that, will there be a regular mint of other 4500 avatars? How will the sale of the remaining proceed?

After the sale of the first 500 Avatars, the remaining 4,500 will be offered at the price of 0.1 ETH — this is higher than at the PreSale stage. It will be a public sale of sales via our partners.

See you in DAO Moonopolis!

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