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How Do You DAO … in NFT Moon Metaverse?

“The structure of a DAO and the way the community comes together forms the value creation layer.”

Monsterplay Blockchain Consultancy Report (May 2020)

DAO: Decentralized. Autonomous. Organization.

DAOs are as diverse as humanity itself. There are a lot of configurations and feature sets. However, there is one key similar feature amongst DAOs: the collective management of common goods, services and structures via decentralized governance. The opportunities ahead will be in the formation of new types of organizations based around the interactions between token holders and decentralized governance.

Key advantages of DAOs

  • Transparency. DAOs challenge the traditional hierarchical and exclusive organizational structure. There is no CEO, or any other leader to trust, since every condition is written in a smart contract. The blockchain guarantees that everything is controlled and performed automatically.
  • Open Source. This means that in the case of DAO everyone can review the code and even suggest improvements. Generally, Open Source provides more reliability, since a large number of developers can participate in writing and reviewing the code.
  • Equal distribution. All earned assets are divided among the DAO participants or invested in the project’s development, relying on voting results.
  • Community with mutual goals.All participants are striving for financial success. DAOs issue their own token, which is owned by all of its members. If an organization is successful, then the value of its assets also increases. Therefore, participants are interested in developing the DAO and making a profit.

According to CoinTelegraph, by the end of 2021, DAOs had more than 1.6 million participants, up from just 13,000 at the start of the previous year. The DAO landscape is growing to become more complicated with different types and forms. And now we are in the early innings of this revolutionizing game.

RULE: Reinvent. Utilize. Learn. Earn.

DAO in NFT Moon Metaverse will operate as a representative democracy. DAO Avatars are the key decision-makers on how this world works and its economy develops. Via the DAO, they can influence an evolution of the Metaverse and navigate its future.

The Metaverse is evolving on the basis of the Create2Earn model, and DAO stands for the cornerstone of its creator economy. On the first stage, only 5,000 Avatars will be available for entering DAO Moonopolis — the premier city in NFT Moon Metaverse. The project is seeking to reward early-stage participants with effective ownership and significant voting power.

Why to become a DAO Avatar?

  • DAO is the community of like-minded people. First of all, this is a brilliant chance for networking and reinventing the reality around us.
  • DAO is the managing board of NFT Moon Metaverse. DAO Avatars will manage the funds of the organization and make decisions on how to allocate them in order to provide the best development of the Metaverse. Besides, they would generate ideas and submit their offers to the project’s owners.
  • DAO Avatars will be granted voting power and early access to all activities, entertainment and education in the Metaverse.
  • There will be over 300 activities and ways to earn income in NFT Moon Metaverse. DAO members will receive 30% income from the sale of Moonopolis City ID Cards and NFT certificates. They will get royalties and dividends from their action on Moon plots, interaction with other Avatars, etc.

TL;DR. Just DAO It

DAOs may seem to look like a complex issue to learn but they are already proved to evolve as a new form of influence and organization. The New York Times calls DAO “a new way for a group of people to aim a large amount of money and organizing energy at a project — whether it’s buying the Constitution, building a new social network, or influencing an election. That’s a big, transformative idea, and it would be wise to pay attention while it’s taking shape.”

Be a pioneer in the coming soon DAO of NFT Moon Metaverse!

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