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Welcome to DAO Moonopolis!

Dear MoonWalkers and Crypto Community!

We are super excited to continue discussing DAO with you — many thanks for all your questions, ideas, and valuable inputs. And now…

Below we will unveil the details about the benefits of DAO Avatars, their privileges of CLEVER management, and the PreSale and Whitelist mechanics.

“DAO is the game-changing twist in NFT Moon Metaverse’s development. We are eager to reward MoonWalkers Community and our partners with an early access to it. The real HQ of DAO Moonopolis is located in our own Discord, we will do our best to navigate you on every stage of interaction with the DAO Avatars Whitelist. Besides, a row of our partners will support us with the launch — looking forward to sharing more details soon”, — comments Sergey Shcheretskiy, Co-Founder and CMO at NFT Moon Metaverse.

Why shall I join DAO and participate in PreSale?

DAO Avatars are the Managing Board of Moonopolis — the premier city in NFT Moon Metaverse. They are the key decision-makers on how this NFT Moon Metaverse works and its economy develops. DAO Avatars get access to 10+ sources of income and CLEVER management experience — Create, Earn, Learn, Vote, Enjoy, Rule in the Metaverse.

What is CLEVER Management?

Create. You can set up any type of activities or business within the policy of the Metaverse, and part of the income will be directed to the DAO. Become a metastartuper or metacreator!

Learn. Get access to the educational programs in Moonopolis City — unlock the knowledge and pick up the skills of the new age!

Earn. DAO members receive income from the sale of Moonopolis City ID Cards, resales of Avatars, rent of the Moon plots, etc. There are 300+ sources of income in NFT Moon Metaverse.

Vote. Via the DAO, you decide and vote on how the NFT Moon Metaverse works and evolves.

Enjoy. Moonopolis will be full of amazing events and immersive experiences, DAO Avatars have access to.

Rule. CLEVER Management is the basis of city management. Wise and transparent ruling creates revenue streams for you.

How to participate in DAO Avatars PreSale?

On this end, we are launching the dedicated website about DAO Moonopolis and Avatars — welcome to explore more and proceed with the Whitelist in Discord.

Besides, you can find a step-by-step guide below and here is the video instruction on how to get whitelisted.


How to access Whitelist?

  1. Go to NFT Moon Metaverse’s Discord.
  2. Accept the invitation:

3. Choose the most convenient way of submitting to the Whitelist — there are three of them:


4. After completing any of these tasks, you will get access to the DAO Avatars Whitelist.

5. Submit your ETH address in the form given.

For us, MoonWalkers Community is unique and we much appreciate all the feedback and support given to the project. That’s why it will be a great honor for us to see you in DAO of NFT Moon Metaverse settling and ruling the new created world!

Learn more:

Website | Telegram | Discord | YouTube | Twitter | Reddit | Facebook



NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain universe. It is inhabited by self-driven and creative people craving for boundless opportunities. There are over 10 beneficial opportunities in NFT Moon Metaverse — from renting land to creating businesses & events

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