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How to build NFT based gaming Marketplace Like Gods Unchained?

Immutable, a gaming company created this virtual trade series game named Gods unchained. This was built on the Ethereum blockchain network, and it follows the Ethereum NFT token standards such as ERC-721 and ERC — 1155. This NFT marketplace offers an exchangeable Card game where the users can play the game and trade game cards. There are several other assets available for trading. To start the trade, you just need to open your account.

Gods Unchained got a huge response from the gamers community. An added advantage is that there are no subscription fees for playing. Users can collect and mint their own cards as NFT. The growth of Gods Unchained has given them the ability to conduct several pools, and $570,000 is the highest prize money so far.

Key features

  • Severe surveillance results in less possibility of cheating
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Interoperability
  • Cross-chain support

Building an NFT marketplace like Gods unchained

One way is to assemble your team and start building from scratch; you need to find the experts in the market if you are serious about building one.

Another way is to get a cloned script from the best development firm and start launching them.

Wrap up

Blockchain App Factory is one such person who can give you the best; the blockchain-based gaming industry has become a noticeable one. To lay strong foundations, you will need a stable and efficient team to work for you. Start building your career with us and enjoy trading.



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