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Artem Chebokha’s Celebrity Drop: June 2nd at 10:00 UTC

The NFT STARS team announces another fabulous Celebrity Drop to please genuine connoisseurs of digital art. We are extremely delighted to inform you that the artwork titled “Hot Bath”, created by Artem Chebokha, will be placed on auction on June 2nd at 10:00 UTC and last for 4 days:

Pages from the artist’s biography

Artem Chebokha has a tendency to create breathtaking works in his own bright style and creates pieces of art that are truly impressive and evoke a wide spectrum of emotions. Inside Artem there lives a passion for creativity.

Back in his childhood, he was assigned the responsibility for wall newspapers, where he partially unleashed his potential. At first, he recreated a lot of photos from magazines, since at the time, there were no such sources of inspiration like computers and the internet. Just like any other beginner, Artem started with traditional gouache and oil paintings, later becoming acquainted with simple paints and eventually Photoshop won his heart over with its functionality.

He holds a deep love for the sky and when asked why, Artem Chebokha answers: “I just love it. Some people love cats, I love the sky.”

The works and style of the artist are easily recognizable as they are bright and understandable to every person. Referring to the fame and recognition of his works, Artem Chebokha says that he’s “widely-known in very narrow circles.”

Artem considers his paintings to have a surreal nature and is convinced that Salvador Dali had a great influence on shaping his unique style.

A few words about “Hot Bath”

It seems like a routine thing to take a bath. But Artem manages to turn it into a work of art. How? Utilizing the wise knowledge of women! After all, many girls like to take baths in almost boiling water. So why not in hot lava? A gorgeous girl in a seething fiery liquid — that’s the secret behind his gripping and creative idea!

“Hot Bath” is quite typical for this artist. A simple but slightly surreal concept, bright colors and creations that evoke recognizable emotions — these are the distinguishing features of the artist’s work.

About the Drop

Magical, fantastic and very vivid — Artem’s paintings resemble the most rosy dreams. You want to enter them through a door and stay inside forever. In real life, such landscapes can only be seen through the eyes of an optimist and an incorrigible romantic.

His quite unusual work “Hot Bath” is one hundred percent likely to interest art lovers and the competition for the right to become its owner will be huge. The drop is scheduled for June 2nd at 10:00, so don’t miss it!


NFT STARS is an international, cross-platform, NFT marketplace specializing in collaborations with artists in the digital, visual and audio arts and recently, gaming projects. Its user-friendly interface and recent implementation of an augmented reality (AR) function allows users to freely examine many pieces of art. White Label solutions are available for corporate customers whose goal is to emphasize their own unique and recognizable brand.

NFT STARS offers a set of unique technological solutions that make the NFT market easy and accessible for artists and art collectors. The project stands for the value of art and is always ready to support veritable creators. Our priority is quality, not quantity, so we encourage artists from all over the world to showcase their unique and artistic creations to the world, so that they can gain recognition in the NFT and digital-art markets.

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