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Drops, Hops & Market Tops!

FT went far beyond being a tool that enables digital artists to monetize their work and collectors to speculate on their talents. Non-fungible tokens turned into a means of generating liquidity from one’s holdings, a solution to many copyright issues, a tool for creators to establish their authorship… to name but a few. NFT STARS reveals all the ways that non-fungible tokens incarnate into their products and services.

Upcoming Auctions: Maria Luneva with Her Nature-Driven Artwork

FT STARS is preparing an auction featuring a young artist from Russia named Maria Luneva. Her creations are mesmerizing works of photography, make-up and fashion, crossed with sculpture and performance art. On October 14th at 10:00 UTC, Maria will present her artwork titled “Supinatra” on the platform.

“Supinatra” is a perfect example of how Maria works with flowers and other natural elements, finding unexpected combinations and visual associations. The work symbolizes Maria’s creative alter-ego and reminds the viewers that inside all of us, there are unique, free-spirited creatures. Take part in the auction to discover who yours are, then set them free!

👉 Your first time participating in an auction? Read our guide on how to buy an NFT on the NFT STARS marketplace and find the answers to all your questions.

Every Little Detail About Galaxy Staking

IDUS Galaxy Staking is in full swing mode. NFT Hero holders are stakinge their NFTs and generating their first bunch of profit. Recently, our team explained every little detail about how the profit is calculated and distributed out to the users. For more information, please check GitBook.

In brief, the reward size depends on two factors: (1) the rarity level of your Hero — Original, Rare, Legendary, and (2) how many other NFTs with the same rarity have been staked in the pool. The numbers given in the infographics are the guaranteed minimum a user will get — even if all NFT Hero holders decided to farm from day one till the end.

NFT Radio — Where Blockchain Meets Music

he NFT STARS team is adding the finishing touches and preparing for the launch of NFT Radio, the first ever radio station to stream unique content 24/7 and sell it as non-fungible tokens. The platform consists of two major moving parts: a radio station streaming unique content that’s curated by die-hard music lovers and a music marketplace where listeners can purchase NFT tracks.

The NFT Radio launch promises to revolutionize the whole music industry. The incorporation of next-gen technologies addresses many of the issues that creators and musicians currently face. As for all music lovers, they will have a brand new way to discover artists, support their favorite music and interact with the music industry.

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An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach — all on NFT STARS.

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An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach.