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4 min readDec 15, 2022



NFT STARS has a lot of exciting things going on right now and is ready to share the latest updates with the community.

Upcoming Auctions: Most Epic Drop of the Season

NFT STARS is preparing for the auction of the “Art of Blockchain” collection, which symbolizes the merge of contemporary art with modern science. For many years, the artwork has been unattainable to collectors. Now, the whole collection is finally entering the market. Meet “Miss Coin”; “CryptoFather”; “Ethereum”; “Bitcoin” and the centerpiece of the collection — “CryptoMother”, signed by Vitalik Buterin. The iconic collection epitomizing the values of the era of decentralization is to be put up for auction, beginning on 30th July.

👉 Learn more about the Crypto Mona Lisa and its unique traits.

Closed Drop: Pioneer of NFT in Russia is Selling “Emotions”

NFT STARS expanded its horizons when it presented the artwork titled “Emotions”, from the pioneer of digital art in Russia — Elizarevfx. Futuristic, animated 3D art, set to music generated by AI comes to life to remind you of one crucial notion — emotions are the one thing that make us feel alive. The auction for the artwork took place on 22nd July, where the piece was sold for 1.65 ETH.

👉 Learn more about the artist and his vision.

Closed Drop: The Art and Authentic Vision of Mo Tuncay

One more auction has come to an end. On July 9th, NFT STARS auctioned the work of contemporary artist and abstract painter Mo Tuncay, titled “Celebrations”, for 2.1 ETH. The buyer is to receive the NFT and the original acrylic painting. After a successful debut on NFT STARS, Mo is presenting a new NFT titled “Survival”.


  • Finally, our team has finished building the mobile version. Now our platform is even closer to you! Go and check it out for yourself.
  • NFT STARS has partnered up with Polygon. Get ready to enjoy lower Gas fees, faster speeds and other great features. Read this blog post to find out all the details.

Digital Art Goes Offline

NFT STARS is bringing digital art to Melbourne. It is organizing the first NFT art exhibition and conference in Australia — SIDUS. Have a message to convey? Join as an artist and display your artwork or become a speaker and share your expert intake on the current or future state of the industry.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, SIDUS has been postponed. The plus-side is that you have more time to apply! The deadline for submitting the Expression of Interest Form has been extended until 13th August.



Interest in NFT gaming is growing: the number of sales and unique wallets has more than doubled in Q2 2021, on Q1. And Axie Infinity is leading the charge. The Ethereum-based NFT game Axie Infinity has become the top earning DeFi dApp, with $22.9 million in protocol revenue. The game has gone ahead of PancakeSwap and MakerDAO.

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Fashion house and luxury brand Dolce and Gabbana is set to release its debut NFT collection “DGGenesi”. The collection will premiere at a show in Italy on August 28th-30th.

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The Trash Art Movement began with a simple question about what defines art and has now turned into elaborate remixes of digital artists’ works. In support of the movement, a US-based artist bought a CryptoPunk for $40,000 and then destroyed it, creating an NFT out of his actions. The total supply of CryptoPunks has been reduced to 9,998, while the new artwork “Punk #2317 burn footage” is up for sale.

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While the NFT STARS team is working on bringing you more value and preparing for the “Art of Blockchain” drop, why not explore new artists on the marketplace and enjoy the unique artwork of our talented Stars. See you soon!




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