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Drops, Hops & Market Tops!

The biggest benefit of NFTs lies in their uniqueness. An NFT is a one-of-a-kind token whose authenticity can be easily checked by anyone on-chain. NFT STARS takes this benefit a step further and ensures not only technical uniqueness, the team also handpicks every artist and intentionally introduces its audience to something they’ve never seen before. This week’s auctions are proof of this point!

The Living Legends of SIDUS, Exclusively on NFT STARS

NFT STARS exclusively presents a new social class within SIDUS society — the living legends of the universe. These legends resemble prominent market figures, like Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk, Changpeng Zhao and others. Five NFTs — Unicrypt NFT Hero, Dogecoin NFT Hero, Ethereum NFT Hero, SpaceX NFT Hero and Binance NFT Hero will be auctioned separately on NFT STARS, starting September 22nd.

The NFTs are fan-art creations that pay tribute to the advancements these individuals have made in the development of the tech and crypto spheres. Within SIDUS, Exclusive Heroes are praised for their contribution towards establishing the new society and building bridges with the rest of the galaxy.

Exclusive NFT Heroes have similar benefits in the SIDUS universe as every other category of Hero. Holders receive royalties, they can stake their NFT for additional rewards, use the wrapping NFT feature and much much more.

👉 Learn the story behind each Hero, about their traits and characteristics.

👉 Participate in the auctions and win your own Exclusive Hero.

Redefining a ‘Comfort Zone’ with Kirill Sakrukin

On September 23rd, NFT STARS will dive into a reflection on the true meaning of an artistic comfort zone with Kirill Sakrukin. The art photographer from a small town in Russia presents his artwork titled “Comfort Art Zone”. This work raises the question of what a comfort zone is — what an artist is used to doing or what their audience expects of them.

“Comfort Art Zone” features 6 Russian influencers who, just like Kirill, chose to chase their dreams no matter what. On the macro level, the artist shows how through seeking discomfort, the model and the photographer are able to create something beautiful and out of this world.

The auction starts on September 23rd at 10:00 UTC and will last 24 hours.

👉 Your first time participating in an auction? Read our guide on how to buy an NFT on the NFT STARS marketplace and find the answers to all your questions.

Ready, Set, Go… Galaxy Staking Is Going Live

Soon SIDUS launches Galaxy Staking — NFT farming for all NFT Heroes. Holders will stake their NFTs and receive rewards in NFTS tokens, the NFT STARS native token. Galaxy Staking will offer three tiers of yield farming: Original, Rare and Legendary (Exclusive NFT Heroes equate to Legendary Heroes when it comes to staking rewards). The higher the rarity of the staked NFT Hero, the bigger the holder’s reward will be.

The reward size is tied to the minting cost of a Hero:

  • Original NFT Heroes farm 50% of their cost, annually
  • Rare NFT Heroes farm 90%
  • Legendary NFT Heroes (incl. Exclusive Heroes) farm 140% of their cost annually

Go to the NFT Heroes website and check it out for yourself!

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