📢 Expert Insights on Navigating the Web3 World

3 min readOct 30, 2023


In the fast-evolving world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, staying informed is crucial. That’s why at NFT Stars, we’re your go-to source for expert opinions and valuable market insights. However if you would like to DYOR here’s what we can suggest.

🐦 Twitter (X)

Twitter is where most projects kick off. It's the hub for collection announcements, drops, collaborations, and other significant news. English-speaking crypto experts share their thoughts, insider information, discuss promising collections, and help newcomers navigate the crypto space.

Twitter is also the platform for "shilling," promoting projects using hashtags and calls for retweets. Proper shilling can attract potential buyers.

💼 Influencers on X

Twitter influencers have a massive impact on the NFT market. They are experienced collectors, discover lesser-known artists, and help collections gain a broader audience. For example, when Artchick.eth talked about Top Dog Beach Club, it sold out within hours. It used to take a week before.

Top Twitter Influencers:

🚀 Pranksy - Almost 440K followers. He participated in groundbreaking sales of projects like Punks, Bored Apes, and Women of World. Pranksy has a talent for spotting the best from newly published collections.

🦍 Crypto Gorilla - An influencer with 157K Twitter followers and a YouTube channel. His endorsed projects consistently perform well.

🌟 Ameer Hussain - The creator of several successful projects with 255K Twitter followers. Ameer often takes on advisory roles in various projects and has an alpha group called Dark Echelon, ranking among the top ten alpha groups.

Following these influencers is worth it, but remember to always "Do Your Own Research."

🎮 Discord

Discord offers convenient chat divisions by topic – announcements, minting information, even message chats. Discord features point systems for activities, role rewards, and the chance to win Whitelists.

In Discord, project teams often host Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. These live sessions allow users to ask questions, participate in quizzes, and even win tokens.

📬 Telegram

It's a hub for essential information about Web3. Telegram features live broadcasts and easy channel navigation. You can find influencers sharing insights about the NFT market and media channels providing a wealth of information (announcements, news, project updates, and beginner guides).

📝 Medium

On Medium, experts write comprehensive articles about the market, collection reviews, and guides on how to get on Whitelists for projects. While most content here is in English, the articles are typically written in straightforward language.

By the way, you can also become a Medium author. It features an advanced monetization system based on the number of views.

Stay tuned with NFT Stars for all things NFT, Web3, and crypto. If you want to be in the know, follow our channels. Knowledge is power in this ever-changing digital landscape. 💫




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