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Interview with Kirill Sakrukin: he chose creative freedom instead of a comfortable art zone.

A new exclusive auction of the work “Comfort Art Zone”, created by the art photographer Kirill Sakrukin, starts on NFT STARS platform on the 23rd of September at 10:00 UTC !

On the eve of this event, we present you an interview with the artist himself.


NS: Please explain to someone who doesn’t know anything about art, what is the main difference between art photography and ordinary photography?

KS: Oh, this is the most frequently asked question about my work. I should probably answer it this way: in my response everyone may remember themselves, there is a child in each of us and his/her vision of this big world that lives in everyone, from people for whom all their life is just limited to office work, to ordinary working people. Hustle, work and family life affect us, making us forget about such things as: the way we used to watch sunrises and sunsets, the aeroplane flying overhead, everything becomes routine and mundane and addictive to us. Just the same thing happens to a photo: it has become all too clear and predictable. A wedding means there should be pictures of the newlyweds in the registry office, a love story, then the couple kissing and walking around the town, posing, then some kind of bridal modeling story — usually a monochrome background, spotlights and the girl herself. But art is something that can not be immediately understood, art is something that immediately “catches” your attention and makes you think, “I can’t really get it, but it’s something interesting and beautiful”. Art is a photographer’s unusual vision of ordinary situations in our everyday lives.

NS: Let’s talk about the upcoming drop. At NFT STARS you are presenting a collage of several works. Why did you choose this way, instead of exhibiting just one work or the same photos, but individually?

KS: The answer is simple: you can’t tell my style from just one photo, but what you see in front of you right now shows completely what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years.

NS: What is the main message you would like to send to the audience with your work?

KS: In my photography, I am attracted to two factors — the nature and breaching the comfort zone of those around me. Have you seen my Instagram? I have a backstage shot of a model lying under the cold current of a waterfall, screaming: “I hate you!” but keeps lying there waiting for me to take a photo. Do you know why? Cause she knows that the result will be just stunning!
This breaching your comfort zone catches people’s attention, as all photographers tend to flatter the celebrities for the fear of catching an angry comment, but, on the other hand, I immerse a “star” in such conditions where she/he will definitely not feel comfortable, but the picture will definitely turn out to be beautiful!

My dream is to immerse the most popular person in my art and prove to everyone that discomfort is beautiful and necessary!

NS: Is it important for the viewer to know who exactly is in the picture in order to grasp its true meaning?

KS: I cannot single out these particular people as the main focus of my art cause that would offend the other characters I have filmed apart from these projects.

The answer is simple: it was a very special experience for them, something they will remember for a long time, and hopefully remember me with a kind word!

I have written a separate story about each star, and you can find out why he/she was chosen and why exactly in this story!*

Streamer Olyasha (Olga Saxon)

I met this blogger a long time ago; she is a streamer broadcasting to a fairly large audience. When I first saw her broadcast, I thought how fragile and diminutive she is and what a backbone she has, so I wanted to emphasise on this kind of fragility. I love nature and everything related to it, so for me the fragility is represented by the most beautiful and miniature creatures on the planet — butterflies, but, of course, at the sacrifice of art, for my work I have not killed any living creature.

I combined Olyasha’s fragile image and the fragility of the butterflies as much as possible. It turned out not to be that bad, didn’t it?

Dmitry Krikun

His surname speaks for himself; he is a man of emotion, a man of creation. When I saw the new film with Cruella, Dima and I immediately came up with this image: not just next to the dogs, but that he himself is made up of these dogs, i.e. he is that very creativity!

Julia Logan

The life of a model is all about glamour, always going out, “shining” — that’s her main task, and suddenly I began wondering how people would perceive it if the model literally were made of this shine, made of pure gold? Then her brilliance would be seen from outer space.

Ivan Krisztoforenko

Have you ever heard any songs by the Quest Pistols Show band? They are all very vivid, with a fountain of emotions, and I thought there was no point in making exactly the same image. But what happens if you make it completely calm as water, dip it entirely into the nature it came from, dipping not just itself, in its best suit, but unite it with nature in one voice?

Maria Mimi

She’s a very brave girl. Looking at her frailty, no one would have ever imagined that somehow a smoke bomb exploded in her bare hands and the girl was behaving heroically? We even finished filming and didn’t go home… And I wanted to convey that in my work: to show how brave girls can be, to pour honey all over her body and plant bees on her (By the way, the bees are artificial again, there’s no harm to nature, just beautiful Art). All in all, the symbiosis of bees and honey fully demonstrated how brave Mary can be, and everyone looking at this photo thought, if only in passing, how brave it was.

Diana Ivanitskaya

My personal acquaintance with Diana occured after a preliminary acquaintance with her work. Have you ever heard her songs? It’s kind of a soft lyric poetry, but with an explosive chorus, it’s so inspiring that when I was creating an idea for her, I realized that I wanted to create something as fragile and yet something that could kill you. And Nature gave me a sign! An ecological phenomenon happened in St. Petersburg near the shores of Kronstadt: at the beginning of winter all the ice that had frozen over the Gulf of Finland was broken by a storm and washed ashore, creating huge mountains of ice. We picked a particularly fragile look for her: silver stiletto heels and a thin black silk dress, and we produced a crazy life-and-death photo shoot, do you know why? Because (thankfully after we had finished the shooting) the ice floe we were filming under broke off and landed on the spot, but the adrenaline kicked in! That is, friends, how such footage is created — at the moment of the last gasp.

NS: As for an artist and photographer, what is your comfort zone?

KS: I am utterly and completely focused on my art, just for me my comfort zone is the worst weather, the strongest winds, the biggest ice floes. This is where I live, this is how I want to live.

NS: Is it your first experience in the NFT market? What attracted you to the NFT format?

KS: It’s very interesting for creative people who dream of having their own exhibition, and NFT just gives you the opportunity to organise it so that your art could be seen by thousands, albeit in a digital space. It’s very inspiring, all that’s missing is just a glass of digital wine))

NS: What opportunities do you see in the NFT for you personally and for other photographers? And why do you think so few photographers are represented in the NFT marketplaces so far?

KS: The first thing I came to the NFT for was to be able to shout about my own creativity and what I can, what I want to create and to do with my life, because the main thing in art is to feed it with interesting people and new projects, and I think that after this auction I will find what I’ve been looking for!

I believe that after my drop many people from the photography field will want to try their hand at it.

NS: What are your plans for the future? Are we going to see more drops of your work?

KS: Work and work! My wife (by the way, she’s also a very talented photographer) and I are keen to work outside Russia, we’ve already been to the Netherlands and Belgium and have created many beautiful works!

It’s a pity that, unlike Europe, in Russia I am not understood.

As for the new drops, I definitely have a lot to share with you. I have many works in my collection with some actors, a travelling circus… Anyway, I can’t tell you everything in brief, so I hope you’ll invite me back again!)




An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach — all on NFT STARS.

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An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach.

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