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Launch of Galaxy Modificator: SIDUS has Blasted Rare and Legendary Heroes Into Orbit

he SIDUS universe marks a new stage in its development — the launch of the Galaxy Modificator. From September 20th, users are able to claim their Rare and Legendary NFT Heroes using the upgrade cards they’ve collected. The new arrivals to SIDUS city are right around the corner!

How to Claim Your New NFT Hero

create Rare and Legendary NFT Heroes, users must collect special NFT upgrade cards. To upgrade to the Rare status, users need to buy 1 Rare upgrade card and have an Original NFT Hero. To become part of the Legendary squad, users need to collect 3 Legendary upgrade cards and have an Original NFT Hero. The upgrade cards are available on the NFT Heroes website and on OpenSea.

Once you have an Original Hero and the necessary upgrade card(s), go to the NFT Heroes website, where all the magic happens.

  1. Connect your wallet to the platform.
  2. Make sure your NFT Hero and upgrade cards are kept in the same wallet.
  3. Scroll down to this section of the website:

4. The next part is pretty straightforward — select the NFT and upgrade card(s), then click on ‘UPGRADE’.

5. The NFT will appear in your wallet, on OpenSea and other accounts supporting the NFT token standard. Each upgrade card can be used only once, so after you undergo the modification, the NFT will be burned.

6. Now, you are the owner of 1 Original NFT Hero and 1 upgraded Rare or Legendary NFT Hero.

Note: The loading of the NFT metadata (the image) may take some time. Until then, you will see the SIDUS logo. When buying from the website, the user will not be able to choose a specific NFT Hero or see its appearance prior to the purchase.

Galaxy Staking: Making More with Your NFT Hero

alaxy Staking is where the rarity of your Hero makes a difference! Soon SIDUS launches Galaxy Staking, an NFT farming feature. All NFT Hero holders will be able to stake their NFTs and receive rewards in NFTS, the NFT STARS marketplace’s native token.

Galaxy Staking will offer three tiers of yield farming: Original, Rare and Legendary. The higher the rarity of the staked NFT Hero, the bigger the holder’s reward will be.

Prior to the launch of Galaxy Staking, the team will share more details about how it works and the APY that holders of Heroes can expect. NFT holders who decide to stake their Heroes will still have the chance to earn royalties. To be eligible for royalties, users need to hold an equivalent of $200 in NFTS or MILK2 tokens.

Just the Beginning…

alaxy Modificator and Galaxy Staking are the first fragments of the amazing SIDUS universe in which users will have multiple earning opportunities and be able to craft, play, trade and compete for the limelight in SIDUS society.

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An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach.