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NFT STARS and SpaceSwap unveil new ecosystem partnership with SharkRace

The NFT STARS founding team is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with the SharkRace project. Given the agreement’s impact on our shared ecosystem, which involves three parties — NFT STARS, SpaceSwap and SharkRace — this cooperation undoubtedly promises to enhance the prospects of the entire community.

Diving deep into the P2E space

Taking into account our strong desire to continuously improve the expertise of NFT STARS’ development team, we are currently focused on expanding our network into the highly prospective Play-to-Earn gaming sector.

Our cooperation with SharkRace takes our project one step closer to achieving this goal. SharkRace’s two games stands out for its great monetization model, gameplay design and the uniqueness of its NFT meta-sharks. The most distinguishing feature of the project is the ability to customize your collectibles in terms of skills and superpowers.

We, as connoisseurs of art, found this aspect to be its major advantage over its rivals, so we reached out to the SharkRace development team to suggest a fruitful collaboration. Behind the SharkRace project is a global team of enthusiastic and talented individuals with a strong vision and new ideas — they definitely have something to share with the world.

Together with SpaceSwap, the versatile DeFi aggregator and the SharkRace team, we aim to evolve the GameFi sector and enhance the market performance of all parties involved by conducting some amazing joint events.

So make sure you follow all our updates closely and come join us on this thrilling P2E journey!

About SharkRace

SharkRace is a one-of-a-kind NFT projects with customizable NFTs and 2 P2E games. Great utilities, premium graphics, maximum ROI and fun — make the SharkRace a new sensation in the competitive NFT and GameFi market!

In today’s volatile world SharkRace provides not just a single NFT or game, but an NFT Super Pack with a bunch of utilities and perks.

Every holder can express themselves as a true artist and create a higher-level King Shark by upgrading their NFT with crazy, super-rare accessories and GIF-animated traits. These characters are the most valuable NFTs in the Pack as they rule kingdoms and get passive lifelong revenue share from the project games — Race and Shark Battle.

Sharkrace has two fully compatible P2E games that stand out by great monetization models, premium graphics, quality gameplay design, and cool customization options.

Special gaming NFT meta-sharks (BEP-721) come as unique NFTs and can be upgraded in skills and features on the game platform, which also serves as a project marketplace.

Learn more about SharkRace on the project’s official media pages:

Website | Discord |Twitter | Telegram Main | Telegram News | Medium | Instagram

About SpaceSwap

SpaceSwap is a DeFi aggregator that collects the most popular DeFi services and presents them in a one-stop station. Being launched back in September 2020, it is compatible with three major networks — Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Ethereum.

Learn more about SpaceSwap:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | YouTube


NFT STARS is a new NFT marketplace that provides its users with a unique set of products and services. The marketplace follows a strict selection approach to artists. Every creator featured on the platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment for each chosen exclusive artist.

The marketplace supports the free flow of ideas and enables artists to mint works of art as a team, via the collaborative NFT ownership feature and thereby share the sale proceeds equally. Among other things, NFT STARS has launched its own NFT avatar collection called SIDUS: NFT Heroes, featuring unique characters that can be used as social media avatars or be transformed into gaming characters in the SIDUS DAO metaverse.

Learn more about NFT STARS by going to its official social media pages:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Medium | YouTube



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