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NFT STARS Enters a New Era of NFT Art — the Times of AR

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! NFT STARS has launched the first ever digital gallery of NFT art powered by Augmented Reality technology — AR Gallery. Now, users can experience NFT art in 4K resolution on the screen of a smartphone and from the comfort of their homes.

The gallery provides an unmatched immersive experience that can’t be found on Foundation, OpenSea, Nifty or any other platform… just NFT STARS! AR Galley is already available on Google Play. With one phone app, the NFT market is just one click away.

Your Phone is an Entry Point to an Infinite World of Art

NFT STARS, in partnership with interactive visual solutions development studio PWRG, has released AR Gallery, a virtual space where users can explore and enjoy exclusive NFT artwork. The app is powered by blockchain and Augmented Reality technology, which is key to creating its immersive experience. AR Gallery superimposes texts, sounds and images onto a space that users can access and explore — art lovers can walk through the exhibition consisting of 7 art halls and 190 works in total. AR Gallery is much like a private tour around a gallery, where nothing can distract you from this world of art.

For its first season, the team has assembled a unique collection that features internationally known artists from different domains, collectives and studios. Users will be able to virtually walk through 7 art rooms:

  • The Incredible World of Turtle
  • IMAGINARY WORLDS by Enrico Ricciardi
  • Neon Dreamers
  • Imagination Barriers
  • Refraction of Reality
  • Adjust Your Optics

There, visitors will have the chance to take a close look at the works of Double Trouble Creatives, Oleg Kolossov, Pavel Kharitonov (also known as pvkh3d), Kotanmart, Vladimir Tsesler, Leo Jahaan, Boky B, Elfilter, NFT Stars Design Team, NFT BASTARDS and many other artists. All the works are displayed in 4K resolution so that art fans may examine every little detail that these artists have put onto digital canvas and decode every symbol hidden in many of the pieces.

In the future, AR Gallery plans to grow its collection and display art from all over the world by artists working with all kinds of art mediums, including even musical compositions created by NFT Radio artists. AR Gallery will be a place for avid collectors to discover new names and show off their holdings while also being a safe space for newcomers just starting out on their NFT journey.

Download the application and experience NFT art as never before! In the future, AR Gallery will also be released in AppStore for iOS users. The NFT STARS team will share the date of the release in the coming announcements.

Learn more about NFT STARS by going to its official social media pages: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Medium & YouTube.



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