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NFT STARS Forms New Strategic Partnership and Invests in ShoeFy

The new NFT marketplace NFT STARS has invested in ShoeFy, an innovative decentralized platform that combines the strongest attributes of non-fungible and fungible tokens, providing its users with multiple passive income opportunities. The two companies also formed a strategic partnership in the field of marketing and will keep ties between the teams for consulting on technical matters.

Two Companies Come Together to Give Rise to NFTs with Real Value

Both companies — NFT STARS and ShoeFy share the aspiration to establish NFTs with more utility and tokens with real value. To that end, ShoeFy offers 5 ways to generate passive income with NFTs from its collection. NFT STARS on the other hand strictly selects the NFTs and artists it represents on its platform and has created an NFT collection that can generate additional income for its holders.

The newly formed partnership will facilitate the community development of both projects. The two companies will launch joint marketing campaigns and cross-promote their products. Besides this, the team will keep close ties between the development teams to consult on any matters. Both NFT STARS and ShoeFy aim to bring innovative and technologically advanced products to the market and a side view of technical solutions will be useful to bring them to perfection.

NFT STARS also invested in ShoeFy to support the development of the platform. The team shares ShoeFy’s view on NFT projects and wants to support its aspirations and see more NFT projects with real consumer value on the market.

“NFT STARS is happy to announce this partnership and our investment in ShoeFy. ShoeFy’s approach to NFT is close to how the NFT STARS team views the market and the development of its products. Both companies aim to back NFTs with real value and empower their users with additional earning opportunities. Working towards the same goals, the two teams will have a lot to share and expertise to exchange. The communities of both companies will also benefit from the marketing activities we are planning to launch” — Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS and SIDUS.

About ShoeFy

ShoeFy is an innovative decentralized platform that merges the strongest aspects of non-fungible and fungible tokens to bring users a product with real value. ShoeFy is a futuristic NFT project that utilizes cutting-edge DeFi tools to maximize returns by providing options for both farming and staking, using its sNFT. Every ShoeFy NFT is a programmatically generated, unique, digital ‘pair of shoes’ on the platform.

Learn more about ShoeFy on its official media pages: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Medium | Discord.


NFT STARS is a new NFT marketplace that provides its users with a unique set of products and services. The marketplace follows a strict selection approach to artists. Every creator featured on the platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment to the chosen exclusive artists. The marketplace supports the free flow of ideas and enables artists to mint artwork as a team, via the collective NFT ownership feature and share the proceeds from its sale equally. Among other things, NFT STARS has launched its own NFT avatar collection — SIDUS: NFT Heroes — featuring unique characters that can be used as social media avatars or be transformed into gaming characters in the SIDUS DAO metaverse.

Learn more about NFT STARS by going to its official social media pages: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Medium & YouTube.



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