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NFT STARS Invests in New Partner and NFT-Based Game Kitsumon

The Australian NFT marketplace NFT STARS has formed a strategic partnership with Kitsumon and has become an investor in their online multiplayer blockchain game. The two teams share the same vision regarding the development of the blockchain industry and both aspire to making NFT products available to larger audiences. The newly formed partnership will help to bring about these goals and will assist the Kitsumon game to reach success.

Two Companies Join Forces and Come One Step Closer to the Global Adoption of Blockchain

Kitsumon is an online NFT game that’s accessible via a PC or mobile phone and immerses players in a new world inhabited by fox-like monsters called Kitsu and their trainers. Throughout the gameplay, users breed Kitsu, purchase and develop their plot of land, master a profession and partake in other gaming scenarios. The game is built on a ‘play-to-earn’ model and gives players ownership rights over all in-game items. What caught the attention of NFT STARS is how the Kitsumon team has simplified processes to blend blockchain and centralized systems, with the intention of reducing the learning curve enough for the game to appeal to a large global audience of players. NFT STARS supports Kitsumon’s aspirations to empower larger audiences with the benefits and opportunities that NFT opens up.

NFT STARS is supporting the work of Kitsumon by investing in the company and forming a partnership in which marketing services will be rendered. The teams will maintain ties, exchange experiences in the field of NFT and contribute to each other’s success.

“NFT STARS is happy to announce its partnership and investment in Kitsumon. We support Kitsumon’s devotion to making players the main beneficiaries of their game by leveraging blockchain technologies and in particular, the NFT token standard. Just like the Kitsumon team, NFT STARS is striving to demonstrate the beauty and benefits of NFTs to a larger audience. We’re happy to be exchanging experiences and collaborating together in the field of marketing, to help realize a project that’s driven by the same motives we are.” — Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS and SIDUS HEROES.

“One of the greatest aspects of the crypto industry is its ability to bring like-minded people and companies together who strive to offer users the best experience. The Kitsumon team is proud to count NFT STARS among this group of great companies and is honored to be joining forces with them in the pursuit of delivering a great NFT service to the Kitsumon community.” — Kane Brown, CEO of Kitsumon.

About Kitsumon

Kitsumon is a free-to-play online multiplayer game powered by NFT and blockchain technology and is built on the Polygon network. The game takes users to a new world where they will interact with fox-like monsters called Kitsu. Players breed new creatures, build infrastructure on their plots of land, master professions and compete with each other in battles.

Learn more about Kitsumon and the metaverse the team is building via its official media pages: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord.


NFT STARS is an NFT marketplace that provides its users with a unique set of products and services. The marketplace follows a strict selection approach to artists. Every creator featured on the platform is chosen by the executive board. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment to the chosen artists and minimizes the likelihood of collectors running into low-quality art. Among other things, NFT STARS has launched its own NFT avatar collection — SIDUS: NFT Heroes and is working on an NFT MMORPG game called SIDUS HEROES, which will provide players with a variety of breathtaking scenarios and earning opportunities.

Learn more about NFT STARS by going to its official social media pages: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Medium & YouTube.



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