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NFT STARS Redefines a ‘Comfort Zone’ with Kirill Sakrukin

The NFT STARS team is wrapping its head around the question of what a comfort zone is for an artist and who decides where it starts. A reflection on artistic norms is prompted by the artwork “Comfort Art Zone” by Kirill Sakrukin, which will be auctioned on the platform on September 23rd at 10:00 UTC.

Shaping Reality with Art Photography

Kirill Sakrukin is an art photographer from a small city in Russia. Not being blessed with the chance for a beautiful life, Kirill decided to create it for himself — through art. That is how Kirill came to be engaged in art photography for the last 10 years. Over the years in his profession, Kirill heard unsolicited opinions many times about how he needs to shoot weddings, love stories and other narratives that are easier for the audience to digest. The idea that many so-called friends and supporters were trying to convey is that there is only one path to success and acknowledgment — and that is doing something that your audience expects from you.

Instead, Kirill remained true to himself and continued to explore the world and others through art photography. To this very day, the artist believes that with each new work of art, the creator should exceed themself and strive for more. The idea of a comfort zone, as defined by others, has become the keynote subject of the artwork Kirill is presenting on NFT STARS.

“Comfort Art Zone” is a photo collage featuring 6 Russian influencers: a streamer that goes by the name Olyashaa, a fashion blogger called Dmitry Krikun, the model Julia Logan, a musician from the QUEST PISTOLS SHOW named Ivan Krishtoforenko, the musician Diana Ivanitskaya and personal stуlist and blogger Maria Mimi.

Sakrukin found artists who share his outlook on art and the creative path. Through “Comfort Art Zone”, he portrays that each influencer had a dream and chased it no matter what. Instead of complying with the norms of society, they all chose their dream.

The true meaning of the artwork opens up layer by layer. On the surface, it is just a photoshoot where each of the participants appears as an unexpected character. Looking more closely, viewers will see that the photographer has emphasized certain quality traits that ordinarily stay out of the spotlight — fearlessness, fragility and boldness.

The auction of “Comfort Art Zone” is scheduled for September 23rd at 10:00 UTC.

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NFT STARS is a new NFT marketplace that provides its users with a unique set of products and services. The marketplace follows a strict selection approach to artists. Every creator featured on the platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment to the chosen few NFT stars. Artists enjoy Gas-free minting; NFTs are minted at the time of purchase and the buyer covers the costs. The marketplace supports the free flow of ideas and enables artists to mint artwork as a team, via the collective NFT ownership feature and share the proceeds from its sale equally. Among other things, NFT STARS has launched its own NFT avatar collection — SIDUS: NFT Heroes — which features unique characters that can be used as a social media avatar or be transformed into a gaming character in the SIDUS DAO metaverse.




An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach — all on NFT STARS.

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An NFT marketplace where genuine art meets tangible value. A fine selection of digital artists, celebrity drops, served with a personalized approach.

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