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PRAVSHA ART Celebrity Drop: NFT STARS to present “Darkness” on April 14th

A new Celebrity Drop is on its way, as was always inevitable! Starting at 10:00 UTC on April 14th and ending at 10:00 UTC on April 17th, you will be able to purchase a new work by PRAVSHA ART, titled “Darkness”.

PRAVSHA is the pseudonym of a young Russian artist named Eugenia Strakhova. The artist is currently living in Georgia, having moved there after the Russian-Ukraine war broke out to escape the anxiety and fear that this situation engenders.

“This illustration was made during a burst of anxiety, which I could not bear to cope with. At that time, I hadn’t yet become bulimic, which is the present result and perhaps a kind of defense mechanism to all those past panic attacks; so creativity was my way of coping. A year ago, an anxiety was born right inside me, independent of my external circumstances, so I decided to call this my “crater of darkness”. It can take completely different forms, sometimes a pulsation with a small dot, like a migraine in the temples; other times, it spreads evenly through my body, creating a feeling of complete horror. Occasionally, it moves away from me and creates a pitch black, depressing background, which frankly, I am actually glad about because in this state, you can at least create in peace and exist more or less normally. With fear, this is much more difficult to do. Whatever guise the darkness takes, it always tends to expose you, envelop you and make you tremble. This is what my work is about,” says PRAVSHA.

Eugenia graduated from The University of Printing Arts as a book illustrator and had never planned on working as an artist. She worked for the Lacoste and the Superstep brands but didn’t last long with either of them. When the Pandemic started, PRAVSHA had a somewhat forced opportunity to start working by herself, which led to her starting up her own Instagram page. The artist managed to attract 50k followers in a very short space of time. Then the tragic events between Russia and Ukraine began and like many other people, PRAVSHA had to quickly change her life.

Now that she is safe, the artist plans to go global with her first NFT artwork. The NFT STARS platform is one of the first steps towards achieving this dream. The drop will last from 10:00 UTC on April 14th to 10:00 UTC on April 17th:


NFT STARS is an international, cross-platform, NFT marketplace specializing in collaborations with artists in the digital, visual and audio arts and recently, gaming projects. Its user-friendly interface and recent implementation of an augmented reality (AR) function allows users to freely examine many pieces of art. White Label solutions are available for corporate customers whose goal is to emphasize their own unique and recognizable brand.

Learn more about NFT STARS by going to its official social media pages:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Medium & YouTube



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