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Results of the First NFT Heroes Sale and What to Expect Next

Yesterday, on 30th August, NFT STARS presented its first batch of NFT Heroes to the public and interest in the NFTs exceeded the available supply of 2,000 NFT Heroes. Here’s a short recap of how the sales went and what to do if you didn’t manage to grab an NFT Hero this time around.

Spoiler: more NFT Heroes are coming on 6th September.

Keen Demand for NFT Heroes Causes Technical Issues

First and foremost, the NFT STARS team wants to apologize for the technical difficulties that collectors experienced while trying to claim and buy their NFT Heroes. The load on the server and the hosting exceeded the stress test results. Consequently, we noticed some MetaMask glitches and know that some buyers couldn’t select the desired number of Heroes for purchase. The team has taken all the issues into consideration and will make sure the system works smoothly for the next sale.

The high demand for NFT Heroes and the congestion of the Ethereum network also caused high gas fees, which still didn’t stop collectors from buying NFT Heroes. We want to inform you that the SIDUS: NFT Heroes website works without any flaws and you can claim your NFT Hero, if you didn’t manage to do it earlier.

As pointed out by some community members, OpenSea reduced the quality of the NFT Heroes’ images. Our team is working on resolving the issue. Till then, you can see your NFT Hero on the NFT STARS website in the best resolution possible.

Interest Exceeded Our Most Wild Expectations

The NFT STARS team and the artists from the NFT256 collective are glad to welcome all the NFT Heroes to the community and are beyond excited about the interest that the collection sparked from the community. A few hours before the public sale, the number of requests received in the presale exceeded the number of available items for purchase and just minutes after the public launch, we saw collectors putting their Heroes up for sale for 10x the original price.

More NFT Heroes are coming soon! On 6th September, the rest of the collection of 6,000 Original NFT Heroes will be unlocked and made available for sale.

Before the public sale we will open the presale form and allow users to claim their Heroes before the public sale begins. The system will work the same way as the previous time — though our Clubhouse. Subscribe to the email notifications on the NFT Heroes website and follow the official social media channels to be among the first to hear the news.

Until then, explore your NFT Hero’s properties in the OpenSea account. Note: the percentage will change as more users claim their NFT Heroes. More NFTs are coming out with the second batch of Heroes. Soon, the NFT STARS team will be integrating the Rarity.Tool for you to see all the NFTs from the collection, ranked and sorted by rarity.

What’s Coming Next

The next stage of the NFT Heroes development is the launch of the upgrade cards and the Galaxy Modificator so that collectors can upgrade their Heroes to Rare and Legendary NFT Heroes. Upgrade cards will randomly appear on the project’s website and

Galaxy Modificator will assign upgraded traits randomly. The tool is powered by Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF), a randomness generator for smart contracts that ensures a smooth generation process.

In the near future, we will also launch Galaxy Staking. NFT Hero holders will have a chance to stake their NFTs and get rewards in the NFTS token that will later be used as an in-game coin. The platform will offer three tiers of Galaxy staking: Original, Rare and Legendary. The higher the rarity of the Hero is, the bigger the reward.

See You Soon!

The NFT STARS team has already started preparing for the second sale of NFT Heroes, scheduled for 6th of September. Our team will notify all interested collectors via email and announce the presale on social media. Save the date and stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you encounter any problems while claiming your NFT Hero or understanding the rarity properties, you can always contact our support team via Discord and Telegram.

Learn more about the project on its official social media pages: Website, Twitter, Discord.



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