🎮🚀 Unlocking Nostalgia: Playing Super Nintendo and More on Bitcoin with Ordinals

3 min readJan 23, 2024


In a groundbreaking twist, the Ordinals protocol has opened up a new frontier in the world of cryptocurrency, enabling users to inscribe playable video games onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Over the past year, more than 50 million bits of media, ranging from artwork to profile pictures, and now classic games, have found a home on the decentralized network through Ordinals.

Ordinals serves as a Bitcoin-based alternative to traditional NFTs, allowing enthusiasts to etch games and applications directly onto the blockchain. This innovative approach not only preserves these classics for posterity but also addresses the challenges posed by the delisting and accessibility issues associated with digital games in the contemporary era.

The Retro Gaming Revolution on Bitcoin:

1. Pizza Ninja's Super Nintendo Emulator:

One of the latest ventures, Pizza Ninja, has taken the plunge by inscribing a customized Super Nintendo emulator onto Bitcoin. Those who acquire Pizza Ninja assets on Ordinals gain access to this emulator, offering legal gameplay of public domain games or titles owned through digital copies known as ROMs.

Watch the demo video to witness this nostalgic journey.

2. Pac-Man:

A true classic, Pac-Man, inscribed as Ordinals inscription #189,058 in February 2023, presents an immaculate recreation of the original arcade hit. Additionally, it includes Ms. Pac-Man and a quirky Cookie-Man variant inspired by the beloved "Sesame Street" character, Cookie Monster.

3. Tetris:

Tetris, an iconic video game cherished for its simplicity and challenging pace, has made its way onto Bitcoin through Ordinals inscription #35,043,603. Although featuring an unusual new piece with six blocks and less-than-ideal mouse controls, it remains a free-to-play Tetris experience running on Bitcoin.

4. Doom-esque Adventure:

While not a direct port of the original Doom, the Doom-esque adventure, inscribed at #466 in February 2023, stands as one of the earliest examples of experimentation with Bitcoin inscriptions. Witness the melding of Bitcoin and classic gaming with this unique experience.

5. Text-Based Adventure - Zork:

A testament to the earliest days of video gaming, Zork, Ordinals inscription #146, takes players on a text-based adventure. Although starkly different from modern 3D worlds, its playability and atmospheric storytelling showcase the transformative potential of Bitcoin for retro gems.

6. Classic Snake Game:

Even predating Zork, this rendition of Snake, inscribed as Ordinal #142, harks back to the classic pre-smartphone mobile game. While simplistic, it paves the way for Ordinals experiments, promising exciting developments in the integration of gaming with Bitcoin.


Ordinals has pioneered a novel chapter in the intersection of blockchain and gaming, allowing enthusiasts to relive classics and explore new possibilities. The marriage of Bitcoin and retro gaming not only adds a layer of nostalgia but also contributes to the broader narrative of blockchain's potential in preserving and revitalizing digital experiences.

Experience the retro gaming revolution on Bitcoin with Ordinals! 🕹️🌐




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