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A Detailed Guide for using the GOATZ NFT20 Pool

What is NFT20?

  1. You can deposit a GOATZ into the pool for 95 GOATZ20 tokens.
  2. You can use 100 GOATZ20 tokens to swap out any GOATZ in the pool.
  3. You can swap a GOATZ with any other GOATZ in the pool.
  4. You can buy directly using ETH from the pool.
  5. You can exchange your ETH for GOATZ20 on Uniswap.
  6. You can exchange your GOATZ20 tokens for ETH on Uniswap when there is enough liquidity.

1. Swapping a GOATZ with another GOATZ in the pool

Select “Swap NFT to NFT”
  1. Select the “Swap NFT to NFT” toggle above.
  2. In “FROM”, select a GOATZ from your wallet
  3. In “TO”, select that cute GOATZ from the pool that you like better

2. Depositing a GOATZ into the pool

Default interface

3. Buying a GOATZ from the pool using 100 GOATZ20

Interface for buying GOATZ with GOATZ20

4. Buying a GOATZ directly from the pool

“Buy Now”

5. Exchanging ETH for GOATZ20 on Uniswap

Trading ETH for GOATZ20

6. Exchanging GOATZ20 to ETH

Trading GOATZ20 for ETH

7. Provide Liquidity for GOATZ20-ETH Pair .

How does the Floor Price and the token price of GOATZ20 change?



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