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NFT Royal - A Survival Game on Ethereum

NFT Royal is the world’s first blockchain battle royal open to all NFT collections. The first NFT game that brings all communities together!

When a player register his favorite NFT in the game, they enter into a merciless battle: Only the best player will win the Royal Prize… The prize is a treasure chest containing ETH.

But who will be the last longest NFT living?

If you’re into NFTs there is a big chance we got some ROYAL for you to get started at

NFT Royal — Your NFT Character.

Join the game with any NFT you own by burning 90 ROYAL tokens (distributed via airdrop).

Once you join, your NFT has 72 hours of TOD (time of death), every second that passes your character earns more ROYAL tokens (ERC20).

If your NFT reaches 0 TOD (time of death), you’ll be declared dead and won’t be able to continue playing the game.

To add TOD (time of death) hours you need to burn ROYAL.

Additionally, you can earn more ROYAL by attacking other players and lowering their TOD (time of death).

Attacking costs gas + a small fee in ETH ($5–$2500 depending on the attack you pick), the fees generated by the game will go to the treasure chest.

At the beginning 1 ROYAL you burn will give you 5 hour extra of TOD, but as more royal is burned, the price of TOD goes up and you’ll need more ROYAL to survinve. You can check the curve on this link:

The prize pot will be distributed as follows:

  1. 80% to the longest living player.
  2. 10% goes to the team.
  3. 10% will be distributed to MUSE holders

Here is a simple example on how to play:

  1. You enter the game with your NFT, you’ll get 72 hours of TOD (time until you die) and you’ll be earning ROYAL tokens every second.
  2. Someone attacks you 10 times (they get lots of ROYAL tokens) and lower your TOD to 8 hours.
  3. you need to to get more TOD by burning ROYAL before your time of death reaches 0.
  4. When your time of death reaches 0, you are eliminated from the game and you get your NFT back.
  5. You can claim your earned ROYAL at any time.
  6. The longest living pet in the game will get the ETH prize pot.
  7. You can rejoin the game with other NFT at any time.

The ROYAL Token

The ROYAL token is a utility token used within the game, it is burned to add more TOD (time of death) to your NFT and gained via attacks and by playing the game.

You can claim ROYAL tokens every second you are in the game and by attacking other players.

Initially, 100 tokens will be given to each user that qualifies for the airdrop (see the airdrop distribution below), the team doesn’t own any tokens.

We continue what we believe to be a true fair launch after the success we had launching MUSE with this method.


The game will be governed by MUSE holders, they can decide on directions of where to take the game.

MUSE holders governing our DAO will also get 10% of the ETH earned by the game.

Airdrop and Game Starts NOW

The game and airdrop started already.

  1. Join the Telegram

2. Anyone who owns one of the NFTs or tokens from the list below will be able to claim 100 to 150 $ROYAL tokens in this page

The qualifying list (a snapshot was taken on April 11th):

  • Own muse (you get 150 tokens)
  • Interacted with NFT20 (get 150 tokens)
  • You are part of Yield Games (100 tokens)
  • Owned any NFTs from the following list (100 tokens): Mooncats, NFTTrader, CryptoCats, VeryNifty, Chubbies, 0xmons, Doki, NodeRunners, Hashmask, AhegaoDAO, StrainNFT, Gan Punks, MEME, NiftyDudes, Waifus,





NFT20 (NFT20 exchange):



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