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NFT20 fee Distribution to MUSE Stakers

Today we are excited to announce that all MUSE holders can start earning protocol fees by staking their MUSE on NFT20.

You can stake your MUSE at any time over at to start getting a share of the fees earned by the protocol, the fees will be deposited periodically, so far ~$120,000 fees earned that will be start being deposited over the coming months.

The Muse distributed to the stakers are a result of our Muse buyback program from the protocol fees. If you want to track the fees the protocol is earning, you can checkout the “history” of our multi sig wallet at any time.

Your share of the fees will be equal to your % share of the total muse staked, for example if 1000 total MUSE is staked and your stake is 100, you’ll get 10% of the fees.

When you want to withdraw your staked MUSE there is a 10 day cooldown period that you activate by clicking on “Start Unstake Period”, after the 10 days waiting period is over, you can withdraw all your staked amount.

You can however claim your current earnings at anytime without withdrawing your stake.



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