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VeryNifty Community Update & Roadmap

Things are moving very fast since the launch of NFT20 about 2 weeks ago. The community decision of keeping MUSE as our only token proved to be the right thing so far.

We are very happy that key people in the community opted to think long term, and we hope for that to be the case in future proposals.

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The community is growing

This week Adam went crazy (again) and decided to start sending people to #exile on discord if they don’t ship something for the community every 24 hours.

If you are an outsider to the VeryNifty community this might sound like something bad, but it was done in a positive and gamified way to push people to stop refreshing charts on their free time and instead do productive work.

We’ve got 6 new contributors on Github! and 1 community member Sconey earned a Medium author role!.

So huge thanks to Sconey, Godspeed, Pops, Braindead, Ornamentalorbs, NiftyKhee, Bnse, and yes even Enea for doing their part and interacting with Github. Keep shipping or you are going to exile!

Also thanks to the rest of the community that is helping out, people like Mark, Groot, Viktor, Rilain, Squiz, Mun1a, Bvn,Wizmanos, Martin, Lam, AJ and more!

Every contribution (no matter how small), takes us one step closer to meet our goals, together we can go higher.

NFT20 Usage

It is still very early days for NFT20 but early usage shows good signs.

  1. There were lots of arbitrage opportunities
  2. Liquidity is growing on all pairs.
  3. Over 1000 NFTs are tokenized .
  4. EthBlock Art created their pool this week!

Short term roadmap for NFT20

  1. Deploy the V2 of the factory with the main benefit of cutting gas costs for pool creation by 80%(!)
  2. Finish MUSE distribution to top VNFT players.
  3. Keep strategizing about the best way to create content around the DEX to bring new people into the ecosystem.
  4. Keep discussing with interested VCs and find the right partner that can create long term value and take our ecosystem further.

We are growing our Network in the NFT ecosysetem

As we grow in the crypto industry, we not only meet great community members but also want to take a moment and thank some of the most helpful projects that we met so far.

We hope to keep collabing with them in the future, and if you didn’t check them out you definitely might want to.


Plans for the VNFT Game

We are still thinking about the features for the upcoming season 2 of the VNFT game.

In the past days we’ve been exploring more and more with bonding curves and how it could be implemented into the game to create an automatic liquidity pool for NFTs (this could also be expanded into NFT20).

This could be interesting in many ways that we can explain more on a separate article

We are also thinking on adding a team aspect to the game, and how to make the game so it doesn’t require daily gas costs.


$MUSE grew 20x from the bottom in the past 10–15 days. This makes the community more positive and brought a lot of attention from the greater crypto ecosystem.

But, it is important to realize that no one can predict prices and everything can go up or down. No matter what happens, we need to focus on shipping and the rest will take care of itself as it did so far.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is financial advise, no one can predict what internet frogs do when they get access to Uniswap.



NFT20 is an NFT dex to Trade, Swap & Sell NFTs

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