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NFTclub Introduction

NFTclub was initiated by High-Dimension Space( and supported by SevenX Ventures, NFT Labs, NFTbase, Dego China and many media other platforms. The NFTclub brings together the latest NFT information, project analysis, technical discussions, project mining and community alliances, and is committed to create the most influential NFT community, support the implementation of high-quality NFT projects, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the whole NFT ecosystem.

The NFT club is managed by the committee. The committee is composed of 4 promoters and multiple members. The committee enjoys the highest decision-making power of the NFT club. It will promote the growth of the NFT club from all aspects of technology, ecology, investment, and project incubation, and work together to build it. The NFT ecological community prospered.

Core Vision of NFTclub

1. Provides up-to-date information in the NFT space, high-quality project screening and recommendations for accurate users who are deeply involved in the NFT ecosystem, qualifications for early project investment/sale, project analysis, project ecosystem development status, and so on.

2. NFTclub will screen and review on NFT-based projects and most of the time have early excess of project private sales or investment shares for the community members in NFTclub

3. Boosts collaboration between NFT project entrepreneurs and communities, as well as the introduction of outstanding projects, in order to collectively improve the NFT communities and the vibe.

4. Enhance the development of the NFT enthusiasts in our online and offline communities.

(Tesla CEO Elon Musk sells songs through NFT. Link:

Why Should You Join NFTclub?

  • High-value industrial information especially in NFT space.
  • You may be granted a chance to become our committee, where you can decide the development of the club while enjoying the special privileges.
  • You may receive the early excess of a project’s pre-sale or private sale.
  • You are able to contribute in the NFT ecosystem with the support of NFTclub.
  • Understands deeper on how the community members are seeing the NFT space.
  • You are assisted by the talents, project parties, programmers of NFTclub.

NFT has led to a true explosion (unfongible token). Today, a large number of renowned overseas artists auctioned and sold their digital art at hundreds of thousands of auction prices. The amount of the amount ranges from $10,000. At its infancy is the domestic digital art industry. The quicker this market is known, the greater the gains you will get from the boom.

You can join us if you want to learn more about NFT, the latest NFT news, high-quality project reviews etc. will be provided on time. Links are provided at the end of the article.

The NFTclub cooperates with the following initiatives at present:

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