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Unicly to allow users to combine, fractionalize, and trade NFTS with liquidity

Unicly is deploying a new protocol to fractionalize and pool liquidity for NFTs, allowing users to own portions of collections and resell them as fungible tokens.

Unicly’s self-funded project implements sharding, a method of splitting large tables into smaller bits (shards) to ensure different sections of the current blockchain network. This methodology improves transaction speeds and adds scalability, allowing users to own portions of any set of NFTs and sell this fractional ownership as fungible tokens.

About Unicly

Unicly is an open, decentralized, and community-governed platform where NFTs meet DeFi. The platform’s new protocol enables the sharding of collections containing multiple NFTs using Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.


About NFTclub 👺

NFTclub was initiated by High-Dimension Space( and supported by SevenX Ventures, NFT Labs, NFTbase, Dego China, and many media other platforms. The NFTclub brings together the latest NFT information, project analysis, technical discussions, project mining, and community alliances, and is committed to creating the most influential NFT community, support the implementation of high-quality NFT projects, and jointly promote prosperity and development of the whole NFT ecosystem.

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