How to easily trade NFT Fractions on Nftfy

Nftfy releases the Fixed Price Sale, the easiest way to monetize your NFTs.

Vinícius Vasconcelos
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4 min readAug 30, 2021


When we first launched the Nftfy platform and the Fractionalization protocol, the idea was to encourage all the users to launch their own Fractions with liquidity in the open market. Users would fractionalize their NFTs and create pools on Balancer protocol to provide liquidity to their Fractions.

However, it turned out that the process of opening a pool was not something trivial. In fact, it was too complicated, especially to the regular user that was trying to monetize their NFTs. As Ethereum price and Gas fees costs started to increase, this process became really expensive — not to tell that the user still needed to provide liquidity to the Fractions. In other words, the user had to be prepared to spend a lot of money with fee costs and with the collateral to be used with the Fractions.

In that way, launching NFT Fractions in the open market using liquidity pools was a task that few people could achieve and we realized that it needed to change, since one of our goals is to make our technology accessible to anyone. After a while of experiencing this situation, we started to design our new feature that would allow even those not so familiar with NFTs to have their Fractions traded in the open market in a cheaper and easier way.

We developed the fixed price sale, a new feature that allows anyone to sell and buy Fractions at a fixed price, just like an order book, without having to create liquidity pools on AMMs. With that feature, people can create orders to buy and sell Fractions, being the easiest way for NFT creators to monetize their NFTs.

Below you can find a complete guide on how to put your Fractions on sale at a fixed price.

Making the first order

Right after the Fractionalization process, you will have 100% of the Fractions and you can already make your first Sell Order. To do that, you click on the button “Trade Fractions”, just like shown in the picture below.

Once you click on “Sell Fractions”, the following modal will appear.

In that way, you can set the number of Fractions and the price you would like to sell them.

It is important to understand the Fraction Reserve Price, which in this case is the maximum value each Fraction is worth according to the Reserve Price set for the NFT, during the Fractionalization process. With that being said, you need to find a way to make your sale attractive to users.

Let’s suppose that you initially want to sell 10% of your Fractions. If you set the price per Fraction at 0.00005 ETH, you would be selling them at a valuation of 5 ETH. In that way, everyone who purchases Fractions in this order limit will be under a valuation eight times lower than the NFT reserve price.

Once you create the sell order, it will look like this for you:

Now, anyone can go there and buy your Fractions at that price you have determined. The user just needs to click on the “Buy” button inside the Sell Order box and they will see the details below.

The user can purchase the total amount of Fractions available or just a part of the order.

Making a Buy Order

In the same way, you can create Buy Orders for someone else’s Fractions. The process is quite simple and you just need to click on the “Buy Fractions” button and fill in the blanks of the modal.

You simply define the number of Fractions you want to buy at any fixed price. Once you create the Buy Order, you just need to wait until someone accepts that and sells the Fractions to you.

Trading Fractions at a fixed price is the easiest way to monetize your NFTs without the need to spend too much money on opening a liquidity pool, allowing a wider audience to use it for different purposes, with different strategies.

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